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San Francisco 49ers QB Dilemma. VOTE PLEASE AND COMMENT!

The San Francisco 49ers have arguably the best roster in the NFL. Winning 13 games in 2022, reaching three conference championship games in four years, including a Super Bowl, they’ve been consistently dominant. There’s one thing holding them back: QUARTERBACK

So here I’ll talk about the 49ers quarterback plan, then please vote this poll and LMK in the comments your suggestions on what they do.

Throughout these past years, the 49ers have received about slightly above average QB play. Which is solid, but kinda surprising considering the system that Kyle Shanahan designs is considered very QB friendly. You’d think they’d be better. It especially showed in the postseason. Every time they lost, the quarterback, usually Jimmy Garoppolo would disappear in the biggest moments. With that, because of a weird twist in the 2022 season, we have no idea who the starter will be in Week One. Here are some options

Brock Purdy: “Mr. Irrelevant”, as called, surely was anything but that. After Jimmy G went down with an injury, The last pick of the draft came in and was remarkable. He threw just two interceptions as a starter, Boasting a top 10 QBR, and going undefeated all the way up until the NFC title game. He would tear his UCL on the first drive, and reports say he won’t be back until late July.

Trey Lance: The former #3 pick was hyped up as the next franchise guy. After sitting behind garoppolo in year one, 49ers fans were excited when he took over. But he got injured in week 2 and didn’t play again. During his starts, there were flashes, but he wasn’t great in them. Considering that he’ll be back soon and they gave up a lot for him, you gotta imagine he’ll get another shot.

POTENTIAL OTHER OPTIONS: Lamar Jackson. The former MVP could be a trade option, and him and Deebo Samuel would be a sight to see. But would they spend huge on him, which could hamper the opportunity to improve the overall roster? That’s a tough decision. Overall I say no.

Derek Carr: the former Raiders QB would have the best defense, Coach and supporting cast he’s ever had. He’s also playing in a warm environment Which would benefit himself. The problem is the 49ers don’t really have the cap space to offer him the money he wants

Aaron Rodgers: the Owners Packers legend, future Hall of Famer, 4 time MVP, Bay Area native, and the guy who dreamed of playing in a 49ers uniform, would be very interesting. He would probably give them a great chance to win it all this season. The thing is, who knows how long he’ll play for? And would he want to come to San Francisco?

So with all that, there are lots of options. Overall, my conclusion is that Kyle creates a competition with Brock Purdy and Trey Lance. And we’ll see who becomes the starter in 2023.



Brock Purdy


Trey Lance


Lamar Jackson via trade


Signing Derek Carr


Trade for Aaron Rodgers


Other (comment below)

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