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What I Would Do As The Chicago Bears GM.. 2023 Offseason Plan

Comment Opinions Please. Is This Good?

1) Send 2023 2nd via BAL & Own 4th Rounder To The Cardinals For DeAndre Hopkins

2) Sign RB Josh Jacobs

Explanation: The Bears need to build a legitimate offense around Justin Fields in order to take pressure off him & keep him healthy long term. Creating a WR trio of Hopkins, Claypool, & Mooney will allow Fields to really flourish in the passing game. But in order to be able to pass the ball well consistently, you need to have a running game. That’s where the two headed monster of Josh Jacobs & Khalil Herbert comes in. A running game in the NFL is more important than ever. It helps keep the defense on their heels & absolutely tires out the front seven when effectively done. Just imagine the potential option game with a runners like Justin Fields & Josh Jacobs in the backfield. Opposing teams would fear this Chicago offense three weeks before they have to play them.

3) Sign G Ben Powers

4) Sign OT Mike McGlinchey

Explanation: Like I said above, a running game is very important to an NFL team’s success. But you can’t have a dangerous rushing attack without a good offensive line. And the Bears, well, haven’t really had a great offensive line the past couple seasons. So improving the offensive line is a must in the offseason. Ben Powers & Mike McGlinchey are the top free agents available at their respective positions & should definitely get paid.

5) Sign DT Daron Payne

6) Sign DE Marcus Davenport

7) Sign CB Cam Sutton

Explanation: Similar to the offensive line, the defensive line for Chicago was a weak point as well. And in order to change that, the Bears need to address their defense both in free agency & in the upcoming draft. Signing a couple guys in Daron Payne & Marcus Davenport would go a long ways in bringing back the defensive pressure we all expect from Chicago. Then I’d also bring in some corner help in Cam Sutton, since the Bears have a yacht load of cap space, most in the whole NFL actually. Sutton was one of the top corners this season so snatching him away from Pittsburgh would be a huge win.

8) Resign Byron Pringle, N’Keal Harry, Nicholas Morrow, DeAndre Houston-Carson, & Joe Thomas

Explanation: Even though Chicago will already have the trio of Hopkins, Claypool, & Morrow, they should still look to keep some depth at the WR position. Byron Pringle & N’Keal Harry know the system & have built some chemistry already with Fields, so they should be kept. On the defensive side of the ball, the Bears need to bring back their three end of season starters in Nicholas Morrow, DeAndre Houston-Carson, & Joe Thomas as they have familiarity in what Chicago is trying to build defensively.

9) Trade The #1 Overall Pick To The Indianapolis Colts For Pick #4, 3rd Rounder via WAS, 2024 1st, & 2025 2nd/4th Rounders

10) Draft Jalen Carter With The #4 Pick

Explanation: With Justin Fields already being Chicago‘s franchise quarterback, they should absolutely trade down from the 1st overall pick to a different Top 5 selection. In this scenario, the Bears land the Colts 4th pick along with another 3rd rounder in the draft & IND’s 1st round pick next year, which may end up being a Top 10 pick again. Now in the first round of the NFL Draft, Chicago should select Jalen Carter with the 4th overall pick, a 6’3 300lbs behemoth of a man. Carter on the interior alongside Daron Payne would give the Bears one of the more scarier lineman duos in the league for a long time.


What do you guys think of all these moves?

Does this plan make Chicago division favorites next year?

Who would you guys target in the NFL Draft with the Bears two 3rd & two 4th rounders?