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Here is how this is gonna work:

  1. Comment your favorite NFL player of all time

  2. I will give you a team, and I will give myself a team. You will choose a QB, RB, WR, TE, OLineman, or Defensive player. I will do the same with my team. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ALL-TIME, NOT CURRENT.

  3. If you take a defensive player, you will not only take the best version of that player for the team that you get, but you will also take the best defense that the player you selected was a part of. For example, if you get the Ravens, and you decide to take Ray Lewis as your defensive player, you will take the prime version of him plus the best defense that he was a part of, which in this case was probably the 2000 Ravens defense.

  4. Same point above applies to your Olineman.

  5. If you are taking a player, then you are taking the version of that player when they were on the team. For example, if you land on the Seahawks, taking Jerry Rice would not be a very wise decision, because you would be taking the washed version of Rice instead of the 49ers version of him. Steve Largent would have been a much better selection in that case

  6. Repeat the steps above until you have a QB, RB, 3 WRs, a TE, an Olineman, and a defensive player