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Ausar Thompson

Overtime Elite

HT/WT/WS6' 7", 204lbs

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Ausar Thompson: 6'5.75" (w/o shoes) 218 lbs 7'0" wingspan 20.4 years old, Overtime Elite 16.3 ppg, 6.9 rpg, 6.1 apg, 2.7 spg, 1.3 bpg, 48.3% fg%, 30% 3%, 67.1% ft%

Overview: Ausar Thompson has been the less heralded prospect of the twins but arguably the more productive one. Thompson has tremendous athleticism, defensive capacity and budding playmaking and scoring skills he coupled to become MVP of a league with more questions than answers in Overtime Elite. Ausar has sceptics in his shot which is further along than his brother’s. Ausar must answer the question of if he can play point guard or his big question becomes is his impressive defensive ability enough to keep him on the floor as a relatively non-shooter. Thompson plays with amazing intensity and composure that is admirable and ultimately is why I believe he will play point guard in the NBA and help his stock.

Strengths: Length, strength and positional size. Crazy athletic. Transition threat. Good passing displays in limited usage. Strong finisher with 40 dunks. 65% at the rim. Great rebounder. Lots of untapped potential with the ball. Good understanding of how to attack defenses. Competes on offense and defense.

Weaknesses: 30% catch and shoot shooter. 67% free throw shooter. Raw playmaker. Sometimes he finishes lazily or softly. Reliant on drives. Drives recklessly. 51% on layups.

Swing Skills: If Ausar Thompson plays the point guard, he improves his stock due to having more of his best attributes on display as opposed to having to hide his poor shot off the ball and mask it with tremendous defensive upside. Ausar will have to improve as a shooter, but if he can read the game as a full time point guard, he improves his best traits by getting even larger relative to the position, can drive to the rim more and create for others as well as hiding his deficiencies more easily through playing on the ball and not hiding as a corner shooter or cutter. Thompson has all NBA defensive team potential but most of his questions bank on what position he plays and how well he can shoot.

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Tier: Franchise Changer

Player Comparisons: Jason Richardson, Terrence Ross

Ausar is an elite athlete. He’s got a great frame with a good wingspan and a strong body. He’s a great defender and has a high passing IQ and ability. He’s been improving his shooting which makes some believe that he might be the best Thompson twin, not Amen. Ausar is excellent at making passes off the dribble. He’s been developing as a shooter and driver. Ausar is an elite defender who has a nose for the ball. He is the better shooter of the Thompson twins as well as a better defender and his holes seem much more fixable.

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Brett Bischel



-----Age:20.4 / So
Pts:16.3 ↑
Reb:6.9 ↑
Ast:6.1 ↑
Stl:2.7 ↑
TO:3.4 ↓
3pt:30.0% ↓
  • Overtime Elite is a American professional basketball league for 16–20-year-olds.

  • OTE champion (2022, 2023)

  • OTE Finals MVP (2022, 2023)

  • OTE Most Valuable Player (2023)

  • Height w/o shoes: 6'5.75"

  • Wingspan: 7'0.0"

  • Did not participate in pre-draft NBA combine.

  • * Worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Bio: Overtime Elite, January 30, 2003 (20), 6’5.75”, 218 lb, Wing



  • Athleticism

  • Getting to the rim

  • Passing


  • Late blooming shooter

  • Doesn’t use any elite dribble combos

  • Played in low level of competition

  • Probably not as dominant as he should’ve been at the OTE level


Ausar is a mega athlete who uses his blazing speed to get to the rim almost at will. His finishing at the rim isn’t insane, but there is a good chance that becomes a strength of his with time. Throughout this past season, Ausar worked on developing his jumpshot, and he has become a respectable three point shooter. This is unlike his brother who still has no semblance of a reliable jumper. Ausar tends to rely on athleticism over skill and he used it to destroy some highschool kids at age 20. His ball handling is solid, but not crazy.

Shades of: Derrick Jones Jr

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Raw Hoops



20.4 year-old 6'7 SG/SF. 2-Way Slasher. Ausar is just about as athletic as his twin brother, with elite bounce, speed and burst. He's a good passer from the perimeter, especially off screens, but gets tunnel vision once he penetrates the second level, focusing on scoring and making bad passes when he is stopped. The shooting is inconsistent and the form is bad, but it could be a work in progress that an NBA shooting coach could help with. Ausar's defense, off-ball especially, has been very good in the Overtime Elite. He has bad habits, like playing upright and biting hard on fakes, but he has the tools to be an elite versatile defender. His ability to block shots from the weak side and contest jumpers combined with his speed and athleticism should allow Ausar to guard 1-3 in the NBA.





+Interior Finishing






Shades Of:

Gerald Green, RJ Barrett, Jason Richardson, Caris Levert, DeMar DeRozan

Ceiling: All-Star, 2-Way Slashing Playmaker

Floor: Bench, 2-Way Slasher

Team Fit:

Until Ausar's shot improves, he needs to be surrounded by shooters and playmakers that can find him on backdoor cuts. A team that has good shooting coaches and could use an athletic connector wing may take a swing on Ausar early on. It is not an entirely risky pick, as his defensive potential and athleticism make him a fairly safe bet to have a long NBA career.

Best fits within range: Orlando, Indiana, Utah, Toronto

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Instead of writing a scouting report on Ausar Thompson, I’ve got a PSA: Ausar and Amen don’t play the same role, and therefore can’t be compared one to one. I’ve seen too many people on this site compare Ausar and Amen by saying who’s better at each skill, and by how much. Their argument for having Ausar over Amen is as follows. Ausar is a better shooter, taller, slightly better athlete, and averages more assists. There’s nothing wrong with saying Ausar is better than Amen as long as your logic is sound and consistent. Ausar is a wing and should be treated as so, while Amen is a guard.

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Generic Person



Ausar Thompson is one-half of the most athletic pair of brothers/twins the league has seen. He has an insane vertical and when put together with his amazing ability to shift his way around the floor it makes up an elite physical profile. At 6’7”, he’s huge for a guard and has really bullied his way into doing whatever he wants with Overtime Elite. Unlike his brother, he is a somewhat competent shooter but isn’t nearly the level of floor general. He doesn’t shoot from deep very often but his percentage, especially as of late, has been a pleasant surprise. Ausar has a much smoother stroke than his brother and simply looks a lot more comfortable with his shot. He’s flashed that clutch shot-making x-factor in some big close games throughout the OTE season but honestly these games hold very little overall value and pressure so I'm not sure if there are many stakes there. He is still a stellar passer for his size but has less point-guard potential than his brother. He isn’t on a separate level from his brother when it comes to finding teammates but he didn’t grow up playing the role of lead distributor. I think there are teams out there that could view him as a lead point guard creator but as of right now, he’s been utilized as a versatile wing that can work on and off of the ball. Ausar sometimes moves the ball too quickly for his own good which can lead to sloppy turnovers. Although the playmaking numbers are similar, it’s clear he isn’t given as much freedom when it comes to making the flashy passes. However, similar to his brother, he is a really gifted cutter and slasher. His athleticism makes it easy for him to zoom right to the rim and get over any defender he needs to get past. Ausar is another example of a great fast twitch and explosive athlete that alludes to a ridiculous upside. He is a nice lob threat that works well as a high-flying paint threat that if not watched, could be deadly. His touch, finesse, and skill might need some work for when he’s trying to finish efficiently but there is certainly no trouble when it comes to him getting the opportunities and the basket. Ausar could thrive next to another lead playmaker like his brother at the next level but honestly, he could blossom into more of a distributor himself if given more of an opportunity. With OTE he has had to share the court with Amen which has made it difficult for him to truly display his prowess and earn responsibilities with the ball. Defense is definitely a strong suit in his game that might be due to the athletic advantage he has in a weaker league but the film shows that he does have at least some capability. He is a good on-ball defender but like the rest of his game, due to inexperience and occasional tunnel vision, he can have lapses when it comes to off-the-ball defense. He keeps his feet planted well and has a feel for fighting over screens and cutting off passing lanes. He uses his great length well to deter the ball. Ausar can have some poor timing but he can come in as a nice weak side shot blocker when needed as he can easily get up to the rim. He has problems with overall court awareness sometimes and can overreach for bigger plays but this is common among younger players, especially on defense. Something that is promising is his nice switchability, he works well on a variety of different positions and can adjust his game for each one. His physical profile gives him all the tools available to be great on that end but he needs to clean up those aforementioned mistakes. His game is catered more towards a versatile on and off-ball role that is more adaptable to a system where he wouldn’t get as many touches. He does many more small things on the court than he gets credit for. Many view him as more of an athlete but he’s aware as a passer and defender. He rebounds the ball well and gets to the right spots. As his shot continues to improve he can trend more and more towards stardom. Although he is seen by many as the lesser brother and will garner many comparisons to Amen (as I've done a few times here), he should be viewed as a separate player. Ausar is honestly a very different prospect compared to his brother and I could see a world where teams start to turn and end up liking him more than Amen. He has a more stable game and doesn’t have the same gaping holes his other half does. I think that he comes in right away as honestly a more complete and impactful player with similar levels of potential. He has a centerpiece upside but I personally really like him as a complimentary star. I think he could be a stud, all-star-level role player, that can make a big winning impact as he figures out all the little mistakes that haven’t quite been kinked out yet.

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OFFENSE Very good passer esp in transition Hitaheads High IQ and feel passer with flashes outta P&r also can be good connecting passer in the flow of the offense top tier athlete, speed burst and leaping ability great cutter, lob threat too


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Ausar is an elite athlete. He’s got a great frame with a good wingspan and a strong body. He’s a great defender and has a high passing IQ and ability. He’s been improving his shooting which makes some believe that he might be the best Thompson twin, not Amen. Ausar is excellent at making passes off the dribble. He’s been developing as a shooter and driver. Ausar is an elite defender who has a nose for the ball. He is the better shooter of the Thompson twins as well as a better defender and his holes seem much more fixable. His athleticism isn't quite what his brother's is but it's still high level. Same thing with his playmaking. He's great playing off ball. His mechanics have improved as a 3 point shooter. He does screw up his finishing sometimes.

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Ben Mackoff



Auser Thompson- OTE (SG/SF) Age: 20.4yrs 6’7 205 (Andre Iguadola/Andrew Wiggins)

Excellent athlete who has good playmaking instincts for others. Handles the ball well but at times is limited in creating his own shot. He also cuts very well without the ball to get easy lanes to the basket. The perimeter shooting took a good jump forward but he needs to continue to work on it. Adding a perimeter shot will open up huge driving lanes for a player as athletic as him. Unbelievable defensive upside already great on the perimeter with great instincts to get steals stay in front of opposing players and recover.

(16gs 27.3mpg)(16.3ppg, 7.1rb, 6.1ast, 48.1fg%, 29.8 3pt% 3.8 3pa)

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