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Brandon Miller


HT/WT/WS6' 8", 200lbs









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Brandon Miller: 6'9" 200 lbs 18.8 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 2.1 apg, 0.9 spg, 0.9 bpg, 43% fg% 38.4% 3%, 85.6% ft%.

Brandon Miller was easily the best perimeter player in college basketball, combining silky smooth shooting, size and coordination to be a walking 15-25 points immediately in the college game. Miller also used his size to drive, rebound and defend effectively. Miller had so much gravity that he learned to manipulate the defense and get great looks for his teammates by the end of the year. Miller projects as a top 4 pick who can both immediately impact your NBA team and has the capacity to be a top 2 option for a contender in time. He reminds me of Paul George in the way he gets to spots and elevates and even moves but he lacks the top tier athleticism Paul George possessed when in Indiana. Miller reminds me of Paul George mixed with another Pacers wing, Danny Granger. Miller's shooting splits are impressive and are not the typical level of difficulty when compared to his peers who are in his shooting stratosphere analytically. Defensively, Miller competes hard and has the length to be disruptive on ball and near the rim. I believe Miller has a tremendously high floor and has all star upside but I hesitate to say he has super star potential due to lack of premier athleticism.


  • Very big wing scorer.

  • Good athleticism, size, and great fluidity/ coordination with the ball.

  • shoots it well off catch and off the bounce from various levels on the court.

  • 48 percent on unguarded catch and shoots.

  • Shot a lot and maintained great efficiency all year.

  • Tough Shot Maker! A knock to some is shot selection but I'll always favor someone who has the CAPACITY to hit those shots over one who can't dream of even taking them.

  • High floor and high upside.

  • 3 level scorer who won't have to adjust game to score at NBA level.

  • Can even score in the mid post a la Middleton.

  • Developing facilitator with a knack for good kick out passes.


  • Not an explosive finisher.

  • Lots of turnovers. (negative assist to turnover ratio).

  • 39% from the rim in the half court.

  • Finishes below the rim.

  • Appeared rushed when driving when defended by very athletic wings like Andre Jackson.

  • Slightly low release.

Swing Skills: Miller doesn't have a swing skill per say to cultivate in particular but I am eager to see how well he can handle bigger and stronger athletes in the NBA. He will still have the shot making ability I trust but if he can attack the rim more proficiently and draws fouls at the NBA level, he will elevate his highest outcome. I do not see a true superstar but I can see him replicate what Danny Granger or Khris Middleton do and make himself an all star caliber player who I see as more of a Robin as opposed to a Batman. Should he be a defensive plus to a degree that he is defending top players at end of games he makes himself a huge plus as a 2 way player with star abilities on offense. Offensively, his driving and strength improvements will open up more passing lanes which he demonstrated the ability to find as the year progressed and that lifts his ceiling. In sum, I see Miller likely being a 20 point scorer many times in his career but barring a jump in physicality/ athleticism that allows him to become a better defender and driver, I do not see franchise altering talent as a Batman. I believe he is in between Paul George and Danny Granger but lean slightly more to the Danny Granger side of the comparison.

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1# Kid Rock Fan



I could make a low hanging fruit joke like "he likes to get it out to his shooters!" But I’m not a autistic soy consuming NBA fan, Brandon Miller is a allstar lock, he is like really fucking good, I don’t care if he blew up a children’s hospital, he is a HOOPER.

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Tier: Long-Term Starter

Player Comparisons: Paul George

One of the higher upside prospects in the class, Miller is a nightmare to defend. He can shoot well and has good handles that keep the defender on their feet. He knows how to drive to the rim. He's got a good jumper and step-back shot. He has a deep bag. He's a decent shot-blocker and a smart defender. He's an average athlete, and his shot selection can be questionable at times.

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Brett Bischel



-----------Age:20.6 / Fr
Pts:18.8 ↑
Reb:8.2 ↑
PER:23.4 ↑
DRat:91.9 ↑
FT:85.9% ↑
  • 2nd-team All-American (2023)

  • SEC Player of the Year (2023)

  • SEC Rookie of the Year (2023)

  • Alabama went 31-6 in 2022-23, and lost in the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament (#1 seed).

  • 2/22/23, 41p, 8r, 1a vs S. Carolina

  • Miller suffered a groin injury during the SEC Tournament play. Although he played in the NCAA Tournament, he was not full strength, making just eight of his 41 field goal attempts in Alabama's three tournament games.

  • On February 21, 2023, a police officer testified that Miller brought a firearm to a teammate that was used in the fatal shooting of a 23-year-old earlier that year. Miller's attorney stated that Miller had no knowledge of any intent to use the weapon.

  • Did not participate in NBA pre-draft combine.

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Bio: Alabama, November 22, 2002 (20), 6’9”, 200 lb, Wing



  • Deadeye shooter

  • Athleticism

  • Rebounding

  • Skilled all around


  • Finishing at the rim

  • Playmaking is still developing

  • Lacks elite consistency

  • Struggled during the tournament


Brandon Miller is a lights out scoring guard/wing with lots of height that will become a really well balanced player. Right now, his biggest strength is definitely his shooting. He’s a solid defender, who improved across the season. Although some are still concerned, he also improved his at the rim finishing greatly throughout the season. Brandon is ranked as high as #2 on some boards because of his ridiculous shooting

Shades of: Much bigger Tyrese Haliburton

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Raw Hoops



20.6 year-old 6'9 SF/PF/SG. 2-Way Shot Creator. Miller has true three-level scoring potential and the tools to be a positive multi-positional defender. Showing massive growth in his freshman year at Alabama, Miller has proven himself as a tough bucket-getter.


+++3P Shooting

++Shot Creation

++FT Shooting

+Shot Blocking

+Defensive Awareness



--Finishing Through Contact


--Burst and Explosiveness

-Shot Selection

-Potenial Accomplice to Murder

-Tunnel Vision

Shades Of:

Paul George, Cam Reddish, Michael Porter Jr.

Ceiling: All-Star, Bucket-Getting Menace

Floor: Starter, 3 and D Wing

Team Fit:

The ideal landing spot for Brandon Miller has a primary playmaker in place but room for a high usage wing. A strong team defensive presence would be good for him. I don't worry about Miller's ability to defend multiple positions, but I worry about his ability to do it well.

Best fits within range: Detroit, Charlotte, Indiana, Houston

Analysis done by @RawHoops. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Generic Person



Brandon Miller is an insanely talented perimeter threat that’s going to be an outside monster for whatever team lands him. He has such a silky smooth jump shot that makes scouts salivate when they think about him plugging into an NBA system. He didn’t have a ton of spacing around him at Alabama. He often shared the court with other non-shooters which limited his ability to make room for himself. He is shooting around at right around 40% from three while averaging over seven attempts a game which is a crazy volume and clip matchup. He is instantly going to be one of the best shooters in the league for his size, 6’9”, and position, and will be an easy fit in many teams' schemes. He’s so good and versatile when it comes to being that deep threat, he’s skilled at stationary looks and scrambled movement chuck-ups. No matter how difficult the shot may be, opponents have to guard him like it’s going to go in. His range as a shooter is legit and teams in college have been forced to press him from the logo. If the ball isn’t locked up in somebody else’s hands he’s a constant threat. He has the length to shoot over anybody. His long arms mixed with his high release combine to make an absolute sniper from deep. It’s very rare to find a player that can score on the same level as him with his physical profile. I wouldn’t be surprised if teams look at his offensive repertoire and value him higher than anybody in the draft outside of that coveted top two. There’s been talks of him going over scoot Henderson but that seems to me like it’s a bit of a ridiculous notion. Miller is an elite-level shooting talent but isn’t as much of a creator. He’s not great at getting himself open and is often somewhat bullied into these very deep attempts. He can shoot well off of movement but this isn’t something consistent that can be relied upon unless you are one of the best offensive superstars in the league. He doesn’t have quite as much strength as you would like to push through tough attempts. Despite not being an amazing ball handler, he has, at times, flashed the ability to create for himself comfortably when guarded by a smaller defender. If he can capitalize on these mismatches more often, he could find a way to generate even more offense than he is already currently doing. Miller has also shown a few glimpses of being a secondary playmaker but he really isn’t an initiator. He goes for highlight passes which aren’t too efficient. I don’t think he’s a real distributor when it comes to getting shots for others but he can shift the ball around. He has vision but he shoots too often to distinguish himself as a playmaker, which isn’t a real knock on his play but just a classification of his play style. It’s clear he has a natural feel to the game which is evident in his more daring passes but this can often lead to turnovers. Interestingly he compares his passing game to Paul George but if he wants to be on that level he needs to cut down on the mistakes. Many have been scared off by his horrific interior scoring splits but honestly, I see this as a physical issue that can be solved if he adds some muscle and bulk to his frame. If he figures it out ball handling and creating wise he can be an offensive star and centerpiece but as of now, he strikes me as an all-star level role player that can flourish next to a lead playmaker and creator. Brandon is a competent defender especially when it comes to on-ball coverage but sometimes he can have judgment lapses when off-ball. He needs to improve mentally when it comes to reading the other team's offensive game plan and form of attack. Although Miller does have length at 6’9” with a 6’11” wingspan he does get exposed physically because of his skinnier frame. Adding muscle to his body would help him tremendously with becoming a more versatile and complete defender due to the way he could expand to guarding closer to the basket. The views on him and his stock have been varied. Some think he might be worthy of the second overall selection but I think this is mainly due to the national attention on college games. He has the modern build and play style that many scouts like but I think it’s a bit ridiculous to have him going right after Victor. Despite me not being as high on him as others, I think there are some outlandish takes out there on him. Some might be turned off by him due to the recent distaste for how Jabari Smith Jr. has panned out and their many similarities but this shouldn’t at all be a criticism. Other than the fact that they are different players there are drastic differences in their ability to shoot off of movement so I wouldn't use this comparison as a deterrent. People also don’t love his age as he will be turning twenty-one early in his rookie year but I think this is also a stupid nitpick that hasn’t been a problem in the past with other older freshmen. His shooting splits were pretty bad towards the end of the season and during March Madness, coincidently when his hype was reaching an all-time high, but I think you have to go off of his sample from the rest of the year. Miller could be a superstar if he figures it all out but as of right now, I see him as an offensive piece rather than something to build around. He has the skillset and size that has been widely popularized by star players recently so I could see front offices having him in the upper echelons of their draft boards.

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  • Great shooter with 6.9 size 40% from 3 and 84% from ft

  • decent handle for his size

  • does not create that much separation and relies on tough attempts at the rim and on jumpers *shooting splits against elite competition are alarming. He converted 39% of his 2-pointers and 32% of his 3s in 19 games against top-50 opponents but shot 63% on 2s and 45% on 3s in his 18 other games

6.9 Not great competition in HS Jump shot looks good doesn’t jump a lot especially from 3 Release pt slightly lower than u d like Probably won’t be a great pull up shooter from 3 early on Great shot creator from Midrange Very confident Handle good enough Played the 5 in HS cause he was tall won’t play that in NBA O college Has size and length to finish at the rim BUT Not super bouncy Could try to absorb more contact as he gets stronger Could leverage his midrange shooting more to finish more at the rim Has some impressive Flashes as a passer IN FIRST GAMES HE FLASHED REALLY GOOD DECISION MAKING FROM TALL HEIGHT LOOKING OVER AND MANIPULATING THE DEFENCE Maybe not lead playmaker potential but ala Middleton/Derozan Inconsistent focus off ball on offense Sometimes ball watching sometimes active relocating and cutting Good place to be at Bama to learn this SHOOTING THE 3 REALLY REALLY WELL AND PLAYING GOOD AND VERSATILE DEFENCE , great shooter REALLY STRUGGLING AGAINST NBA LEVEL DEFENDERS TO CREATE SPACE AND TO GET TO AND FINISH AT THE RIM STRUGGLES TO BLOW BY HIS MAN , not blowing by anybody at ncaa level,no burst , need strenght but dunno if it is enough FLASHES IN P&R, prefers to go left, CAN MAKE GOOD READS

DEFENSE Has potential In HS he played as a center and played P&R as a center He won’t in college/pro Not the quickest feet but he puts in good effort Good rim protector has some highlights block even though he is not a super high jump athlete Not a big enough sample to judge his perimeter defence Flashes of moving with guards to some extent Can be a smooth mover with good contest radius Still can’t evaluate yet There can be some growing pains in terms of role and schemes

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One of the higher upside prospects in the class, Miller is a nightmare to defend. He can shoot amazingly and has good handles that keep the defender on their feet. He knows how to drive to the rim. He's got a great jumper and step-back shot. He has a deep bag. He's a decent shot-blocker and a smart defender. He's an average athlete with a lack of strength. He may be the best shooter in the class, shooting around 50% from 3. He can grab boards, getting 9 per game. He's got high potential but he's got a ways to go before he reaches that.

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Ben Mackoff



Brandon Miller- Alabama (SF) Age:20.6yrs 6’9 200 (Paul George)

Miller is a gifted and smooth scorer with the ball in his hands. He has a good handle for a player his size and the fluidity to drive or rise up over defenders with his smooth three point shot. Miller can also be very effective off the ball as he is a very good shooter. Miller has also shown flashes of playmaking for others offensively as well. Miller is not all that physically imposing a thin frame and not a freak athlete by any means.

(37gs 32.6 mpg)(18.8 ppg, 2.1ast, 8.2rb, 43.0fg%, 38.4 3pt% 7.5 3pa)

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