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The March Madness Class Experience

The way it worked is that people would stand on one side of a broken hockey stick, and the more people on one side meant a team was winning. For example, if he called out "Alabama, TAMCC", everyone on the north side of the stick would choose Bama, and vice versa. Pretty simple to understand.

For class standards, my group was pretty normal. We had the one guy who knew everything and that everyone followed, the one troll that votes for all the unpopular teams, and the one who picked Drake to go really far because the university shares a name with a rapper. I on the other hand just went with my gut feeling, which was sometimes unpopular. So far, we've picked 4 games wrong. WVU vs. Maryland (I tried to tell them, and funny enough every class picked WVU), Princeton vs. Arizona (I picked Princeton because I liked the college, didn't know they'd actually win), Illinois vs. Arkansas (I sold that, quite a few people had Arkansas winning), and Virginia vs. Furman (All but 2 people picked wrong). Outside of that, they still had some questionable picks.

We had Virginia going to the Elite Eight, so Furman winning was bad for our bracket. We also had Texas going to the Final Four because some people knew about their success, but it wasn't enough to convince people that Gonzaga wasn't better. In fact, we have Gonzaga winning it all, which I think is CRAZY. Well, it isn't as bad as one class who had ASU winning it all lol, but the other two classes had Bama winning. As said in the last paragraph, people had Drake going to the Sweet 16. I always voted against Drake (no team that can go against them realistically is worse, especially Indiana), and I'm now pissed off. People were really torn over Oral Roberts vs. Duke, and thank goodness my class chose Duke. They also think Memphis > Purdue. I think a 1 seed won't lose in the Round of 32, but you never know. They chose Penn State > T A&M, which is interesting. NC State > Creighton isn't a big surprise (I picked that too, they better win now).

But our worst pick of all, was Auburn > Houston. One, Auburn's never historically had success (Kyle Guy, iykyk), and 2, don't underestimate Houston. That's obvious.

And that's it!