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TheRaptor NBA Grid Challenge #1: Build around LeBron James

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  • Lillard, Damian
    Lillard, Damian
  • Edwards, Anthony
    Edwards, Anthony
  • James, LeBron
    James, LeBron
  • Mobley, Evan
    Mobley, Evan
  • Davis, Anthony
    Davis, Anthony
  • $4

  • Maxey, Tyrese
    Maxey, Tyrese
  • Herro, Tyler
    Herro, Tyler
  • McDaniels, Jaden
    McDaniels, Jaden
  • Gordon, Aaron
    Gordon, Aaron
  • Lopez, Brook
    Lopez, Brook
  • $3

  • Smart, Marcus
    Smart, Marcus
  • Caldwell-Pope, Kentavious
    Caldwell-Pope, Kentavious
  • Porter Jr., Michael
    Porter Jr., Michael
  • Johnson, Cameron
    Johnson, Cameron
  • Looney, Kevon
    Looney, Kevon
  • $2

  • Lowry, Kyle
    Lowry, Kyle
  • DiVincenzo, Donte
    DiVincenzo, Donte
  • Payton II, Gary
    Payton II, Gary
  • Covington, Robert
    Covington, Robert
  • Drummond, Andre
    Drummond, Andre
  • $1

  • Wright, Delon
    Wright, Delon
  • Green, Josh
    Green, Josh
  • Crowder, Jae
    Crowder, Jae
  • Porter Jr., Otto
    Porter Jr., Otto
  • Noel, Nerlens
    Noel, Nerlens
  • $0



    1. The Lineup must include LeBron James

    2. You can’t spend more than 15 dollars (you can spend less if you want)

    3. Have fun!

    This won’t be a contest where I will rank the lineups after a little while, it is just a fun grid challenge that I created for y’all to attempt! Let’s see what kind of lineup you can create.