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My Problem With Making Text Posts

Most of my content is text posts. Out of my 68 pages of posts, 33 of them are text posts alone, along with another 30 or so being trades and polls. Point is, I like to write on this website about anything that comes up of my interest. Whether it be stories (they're coming back soon, don't worry), Pick'Em, quote flaming posts that either aged really well or really poorly, it happens very often.

Occasionally, I'll branch out and make posts not related to anything at all on this site, and it works well. Most of those posts get attention in numerous ways, like comments, the trending page, and more. However, after that most of those posts are gone and forgotten. This is mainly due to me having almost 2,000 posts and being chronically online for 2 1/2 years, but still, no one will look back on a post they made 2 years ago and quote flame saying something like "Still my best post".

However, these types of posts are a target for a certain group. You might have never seen this group of people while scrolling, but if you know, you know. This is the group of bots. There are people with usernames similar to firstnamerandomnumberlastname (e.g aiden432william) that comment some garbage like "nice" or "well done". If you go to their profiles, visit with caution (I don't, but you should). There will be one post advertising some IP grabbing website, like SpeedyPaper. What is SpeedyPaper? According to the 15 seconds of what I saw on the website, it is some scam that was built on GoDaddy in the span of 30 minutes.

You might've seen these people, but I think I'm the person getting targeted the most. Every other week one of these messages pops up in my feedback, and I ignore it. Don't get it twisted, I'm not the ONLY one who gets these messages. The example of aiden is from SchlenkSystem's post about him getting a job in writing. I'm really happy for him, well done. But this post will be a feast for these types of bots. It's a never ending cycle, and frankly it's stupid. This mainly started once one person advertised a rice purity IP grabber last year which went crazy because people actually took the test like idiots, before the biannual tech safety post by kawntent. This will kill the website. This also happens on Youtube. Comments with 10 or more bots talking about this person who "helped them with stocks" or some bs like that. It's frankly dumb and I glad that it's stopped on Youtube for the most part. I could boil this down to moderation to get attention, but I'm not in the mood for that. Yes, it's a real discussion on whether we need better mods or not, but there has to be something deeper than that that I just am not aware of yet. Maybe it's breaking code in the system. Maybe it's one person who is trusted enough on their main account doing all this trolling. I don't want to make this situation popular, I am mainly writing this for fun, just hope this makes it to zach and jake. Any form of reform to this would be heavily appreciated.