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Write one verse on a song but every line has to rhyme with your username.


Minimum 4 lines, maximum 7 lines

No swearing

First line has to be in the format of "Yeah, (insert username)"


If you want to, you can choose to NOT write a verse and be a judge instead. Maximum there will be 5 judges. Judging will happen in one week. Just comment under one of my posts with your results if you are a judge, and I'll find the average scores and choose the winner from there.


  1. Me

  2. JadenIvey4MVP

  3. Olseneli000

  4. LogoLillard


  1. cfdog27

  2. theswagduck

  3. KelceBestTE

  4. Kyrie13DAL

  5. FoxForMVP

  6. Staydaffyszn

  7. Curry4MVPS

  8. Showman

  9. jbb

  10. Statnerd402

  11. paperballKobe

  12. JColetheGOAT

  13. AllAboutPhilly

As a demonstration, Here's my attempt. Its terrible, and you can do better than me, but I'm bored:

Yeah, JoshJacksonPOG

Don't got a tongue as long as a frog

And I also don't own a dog

I also don't drink grogs

But I got a massive garage

And that's it!