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Part 2 of the MVP Series!

You guys voted in the first five polls, so I'll give you the order of fanspo's MVPs and the real life MVPs. my only regret is not making it two days, so this time it will be three!

1977: Kareem

Actual MVP: Kareem


1978: Kareem

Actual MVP: Walton

(a bit surprising walton finished T-3rd in MVP voting this year, flipping the order a bit).

1979: Malone

Actual MVP: Malone

A good portion of you guys (35%) voted Kareem, but Malone took the cake with 55 percent of the votes went to malone)

1980: Julius Erving

Actual MVP: Kareem

(a close race between kareem (40 percent and erving (45%) but erving takes the cake).

1981: Julius Erving

Actual MVP: Julius Erving

(bird came closest with 35% of the votes going to him).

Notable fact: under this, kareem now has the same exact number of MVPs, since you guys voted him in back to back years. he joins russell, chamberlain, and bird (hmmmmmmm ...) in the list of guys with 3 MVPs under this format.

Onto the next five polls:






As always, upvoting and/or flaming the post will be appreciated, as more people will see this!