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Bye for now.

I never would've thought I'd be coming to this moment, but over the past few days,fanspo has become less and less relevant for me. I've been having some conditions that I never felt comfortable sharing for a while, but if you're on the fanspo discord, you prolly saw what I sent there, so here you go.

Mental health has taken a toll on me ever since the new year. I had a forgettable sophomore year at school where I was bullied for having barely any friends, Tourettes disorder, autism, and tons of other shit. I loved it on fanspo and I hope to return, but spending too much time on this can take me away from myself, which is why I will probably be logging out for a couple months. Enjoy the draft, free agency, trades, etc. but you won’t see me. It’s been such a hard year that included fighting with people over my issues outside and inside of school. My parents and I have had more conflicts than ever before, and my teammates at school along with other kids don't really respect me there, making my year pretty miserable.

I wanted to do more projects on fanspo but I gave up on them because when I was about to publish, they just didn't make sense to me. more trades, drafts, etc. I was planning to do a Warriors offseason plan, but couldn't because it probably would've been a little delusional (LMAO). but overall, i made a lot of friends on here, had a. lot of fun talking to people on this site and on the discord, and definitely gained some more knowledge and help from all these users. Shoutout NotBryceYoung, PaoloOwnsYou, and SwagDuck for being especially great and legends on there. Thanks for everything yall have given me, and hopefully I’ll make a return. (also good luck to the guys on the podcast)

Bye, 49ersforever