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Re-Simmed the NBA from 1946 in BBGM

Best player with no rings: Michael Jordan

Best player with no MVP: Oscar Robertson

Made most money: Lebron James

Best player who didn't make HOF: Dwight Howard

Player who played on the most teams: Tom Payne (11) Player with most games injured: Oscar Robertson (335)

Franchise with best win %: Denver Nuggets (.540)

Franchise with most wins: Boston Celtics (3181)

Franchise with most losses: Atlanta Hawks (3021)

Franchise with worst win %: New Orleans Pelicans (.426)

Most titles: Golden State Warriors (13)

Most playoffs: New York Knicks (54)

Most finals: Golden State Warriors (18)

Teams with 0 titles: Nets, Hornets, Grizzlies, Magic, Raptors

Best teams

  1. 1988 Mavs

Stockton/Fat Lever/Xavier McDaniel/McHale/Barkley

Bob Hansen/Kelly Tripucka/Calvin Natt/Ben Coleman/Roy Tarpley

  1. 2021 Wizards


Monte Morris/Melton/Covington/Bertans/Claxton