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Just found out my classmate is Ja Morant in disguise

This has a deep backstory, so I’ll try to explain as best as I can.

So there’s this kid named Wyatt who sits at my table in Math Class (we’re the only two at that table, whenever substitute teachers come in, they wonder why our table is so empty.) He’s also kind of annoying. He tells me to shut up when I’m not even talking to him about 7 times a day (our lesson is 20-30 minutes long) and he’s also terrible at Math. He once got a 3% on his Math Test, and them “improved” his score to a whopping 23% (we take our tests on Savvas Realize, so you know your result the moment your done with the test), so that should tell you everything.

Yesterday, he was feeling dangerous (so was the rest of my school), and went up to another kid named Andrew. Andrew actually was pretty good at Math, but he’s 4’8. I’m not exaggerating, he’s literally 4’8 as a 7th Grader, and decided to join the Boys Volleyball team. Andrew was saying random things to Wyatt about money. “$200? $300? $250?”, and apparently this was Wyatt’s breaking point. Before I get to say what Wyatt did, you have to understand, there was only one thing about Wyatt that would really anger him, and that was anyone talking about his dead father and making fun of him. He took that to heart, which I can understand. What I can not understand is him getting angry over someone talking about money prices. After Andrew was just talking for fun, Wyatt went in for the blow.

This man, who could beat about 5 kids in a boxing match in Middle School, went up to Andrew’s face, and choked him out.

For a whole 20 seconds.

The aftermath was that Andrew got sent to the Office and got some treatment (thankfully) and Wyatt was apparently a menace to society according to my school, so he was sent to the Common Room to take his test (idk what score he got, I got 100% though) and finally returned to society about 40 minutes later. They also had to talk it out for a moment.

What do you think of this situation?