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Raptorsfan126 Mock 2023 Wave 1 Free Agency


This is wave 1 of free agency. There will be 3 waves.

Checking this post to see if you were outbid

Make sure to check this post regularly to see if someone outbid you or not. I will updating the bids in order. I don't want to be going after 30 GMs to tell them that they were outbid lol. I will however remind teams with RFA's that received offer sheets.

Player perspective

I play as the perspective of the player. Make sure to write pitches when sending an offer, that increases your chances of signing a player.

Soft and Hard Cap

I have decided to implement something like the luxury tax. It will be a hard cap set at 185 million. No matter what the transaction, you can't go over 185 million. Note that we still have the NBA soft cap at 127 million but you can go over it to re-sign guys, minimums, MLE, but not go over to sign other players.

Sign and Trades

You are also allowed to negotiate sign and trades. REMEMBER: Just because you agreed on a sign and trade does not mean it is official, you have to wait until the player accepts the offer in order for it to be official.

Cutting players

You can cut players at any time if you want, but if they are on guaranteed deals, they are still on your payroll

Offer Sheets and Restricted Free Agency

Each Team is allowed to prepare only one offer sheet contract in the entire offseason for restricted free agents. If an offer sheet is made and the team that his rights don't match the offer, he goes to that team that gave him the offer sheet if the player is okay with the offer.

Extending Players

This is also the time where you can extend your 2020 draft pick players.

No Cap Holds

We won't be doing cap holds in this mock. Meaning if you have cap space and you re-sign a player, he won't count towards the cap right away which gives you the freedom to sign other players and then the player you re-sign will be signed using bird rights.

Teams close to hard cap

Nets: 184.82 M

Grizzlies: 147.99 M

Team Open Roster Spots (17 is max) and soft cap space

Hawks: None (8)

Celtics: 12.09 (5)

Nets: None (5)

Hornets: 36.83 M (6)

Bulls: 23.45 (10)

Cavs: 7.22 M (5)

Mavs: 19.62 M (4)

Nuggets: 9.21 M (10)

Pistons: 31.56 M (5)

Warriors: None (11)

Rockets: 34.61 (6)

Pacers: 82.56 (2)

Clippers: None (7)

Lakers: 9.53 M (9)

Grizzlies: None (5)

Heat: None (10)

Bucks: 28.61 (7)

T Wolves: 53.95 M (7)

Pels: 44.03 (6)

Knicks: 11.93 (3)

OKC: 36.76 M (1)

Magic: 34.62 (5)

76ers: None (4)

Suns: 4.37 M (5)

Blazers: 18.79 M (2)

Kings: 36.92 M (5)

Spurs: None (6)

Raptors: 41.97 M (3)

Jazz: 8.18 M (8)

Wizards: 41.44 M (7)

Vancouver: 23.12 M (4)

Seattle: 14.32 M (5)

2023 NBA Draft all 62 picks: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/general/p/DVajByp-qhFZ1H/raptorsfan126-mock-2023-draft-order

Free Agents with rating/pot

85+: All time Great

75: Superstar MVP calibre

65: Roughly all star level if not close to it

55: Average starter

45: Average role player

35 or below: Bad player

Nikola Jokic 76 OVR /77 POT

Status: Unless something crazy happens, Jokic returning to the Nuggets is almost a done deal

1. Nuggets: 5 year max SIGNED

  1. Hornets: 4/148

  2. Magic: 4/138.48

Lebron James 75/75

Status: Hornets have the edge in the Lebron sweepstakes

1. Hornets 2/73 (PO after year 1) SIGNED

  1. Magic 2/68.4 (PO after year 1)

  2. Mavs 1/15.62

Zion Williamson (RFA) 73/80

Status: Will sign with Pelicans

1. Pelicans: 4 year max SIGNED

  1. Pacers: 4 year max

  2. Raptors 4 year max

Tyler Herro (RFA) 70/75

1. Heat 5/200 SIGNED

Dillon Brooks 66/68

Status: Hopes for a long-term bigger deal, but also is fine with a prove it one year contract and will take the Mavs offer after wave 1 if it is the best he gets.

1. Mavs: 1+1 (PO) 15.78 M SIGNED

  1. Vancouver 2/20

Clint Capela 66/67

Status: His interest is shifted to the Clippers and will after wave 1 if its the best he gets.

1. Raptors 2/32 SIGNED

  1. Clippers 3 year MLE

  2. Mavs 2/22

Jordan Poole (RFA) 60/68

Status: Still hoping for a higher offer, but will take the 4/80 deal with the Warriors after wave 1 if no better offer comes by.

1. Warriors 4/80 SIGNED

  1. Blazers: 4/80

Myles Turner 64/66

Status: Interested in returing to Indiana

1. Pacers 3/54 SIGNED

  1. Rockets 3/48 (PO after year 2)

  2. Kings: 2/19

Jalen McDaniels 60/65

Status: He is all about money, so far the Knicks have offered the most, so he is leaning towards them

1. Knicks 3/35 SIGNED

  1. Wizards: 3/33

  2. 76ers: 2 year MLE

  3. Knicks: 2/11.8

  4. Mavs: 3 year minimum

Jerami Grant 63/63

Status: Grant's interested has shifted to the Nuggets in a big way since they are giving far higher AAV

1. Nuggets 2/42 SIGNED

  1. Vancouver: 3/23

TJ Warren 63/63

Status: Knicks are heavy favourites

1. Knicks: 2+1 (PO) MLE SIGNED

  1. Van: 2/17 And Player Option After Year 1

  2. Blazers: 1 year minimum

Malcolm Brogdon 62/62

Status: Will take the Boston offer after wave 1 if it is the best he gets. Does feel he could get more though

1. Celtics: 3 year MLE SIGNED

  1. Knicks: 4/47 (PO after year 3)

  2. Vancouver: 3 year MLE

Bojan Bogdanovic 60/60

Status: Interest has shifted to the Raptors

1. Raptors: 2/32 SIGNED

  1. Knicks: 4/47 (PO after year 3)

  2. Clippers: 3 year MLE

  3. Vancouver: 2 Year MLE

Russell Westbrook 62/62

Status: Will take this offer after wave 1 if it is the best he gets

1. Rockets: 3/48 SIGNED

  1. Vancouver: 1+1 (PO) 13.78 Million

Nikola Vucevic 62/62

Status: Leaning towards the Bulls.

1. Bulls: 2/32 SIGNED

  1. Rockets: 2/34

DeAngelo Russell 60/61

Status: Russell leans towards the Bulls. All Russell asks for is money and a guaranteed starting spot.

1. Bulls: 4/56 SIGNED

  1. Knicks 4/44

  2. Vancouver: 4/40

Teams without a GM

If there is a key RFA for a team with no GM, they will be re-signed just to provide some sort of realism.


Atlanta Hawks-DH10

Boston Celtics- Slayerco97

Brooklyn Nets- THEGRUDGE

Charlotte Hornets- KnicksTape

Chicago Bulls- statnerd

Cleveland Cavaliers- SchlenkSystem

Dallas Mavericks- MeWasntHere

Denver Nuggets- letsgobrandon

Detroit Pistons- JColetheGOAT

Golden State Warriors- ChrisGon0203

Houston Rockets- Cantstopthis

Indiana Pacers- Curry4MVP

Los Angeles Clippers- Cantstopthis

Los Angeles Lakers-

Memphis Grizzlies- TTT

Miami Heat- Nascar0527

Milwaukee Bucks- LogoLillard

Minnesota Timberwolves- cjberlingo1280

New Orleans Pelicans- Kingcrosstheman

New York Knicks- AlanB

Oklahoma City Thunder- DubsinFour

Orlando Magic- Tyo

Philadelphia 76ers- Steel_Houstan

Phoenix Suns-

Portland Trail Blazers- Mnorton26

Sacramento Kings- Zmakinmoves

San Antonio Spurs- spursdraftdude

Toronto Raptors- LukaMagic77

Utah Jazz-

Washington Wizards- GoGiants26

Seattle Symphony: Aparsood

Vancouver Whalers: Miami Hurricanes


The deadline for wave 1 free agency is May 2 10:00 AM EST

UPDATE: I added a status for the free agents that received offers so you have a better idea of what they are looking to do