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Wizards Rebuild 2023 (#2) AND Hawks Rebuild (#2) CROSSOVER: KRISTAPS TO ATLANTA


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+1 player ($36.0m),
Cap Impact + $5.2M

+3  Wins

-35.45  MPG

+5.63  Off.

-0.43  Def.



+3 players ($28.2m),
Cap Impact - $5.2M

-3  Wins

+35.45  MPG

-5.63  Off.

+0.43  Def.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I’ve decided to let the Wizards and Hawks rebuilds exist in the same universe. That’s why you don’t see Capela or Collins moving to Washington: they’re already in Minnesota.

I did a Wizards rebuild in 2022 that blew up the team. However, it’s necessary to make another rebuild because despite the league wide landscape changes. the Wizards remain in the same situation: An aging team that needs to tank. Tommy Sheppard is dumb and refuses to blow up the current core and I am here to change that.

I think it’s not time to give up on this Hawks backcourt just yet. They are just a few pieces away from contending, and this rebuild aims to prove that.

Why the Wizards do this:

In this deal, the Wizards give up a borderline All-Star in his prime to get two players with All-Star potential. Both Hunter and Okongwu make extremely solid supporting pieces for the Wizards rebuild, and both should be immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Okongwu provides rim protection and Hunter can develop into a great 3-and-D wing in the future.

Wizards lineups:

Stay tuned for the rest of the Wizards Rebuild 2023!

Why the Hawks do this:

When you have Rudy Gobert, you need to make as much space in the paint as possible on offense. Kristaps Porzingis enables this as he can be a solid threat from three while bringing even more defense in the paint. This Hawks squad has the opportunity to build a great team around Trae Young this offseason, building a great defense all-around to help hide Traes weakness on that end of the floor. With this core, everyone’s weaknesses are hidden because they are the other players’ strengths. Is that not the ultimate goal?

Hawks lineups:

Stay tuned for the Hawks contending team to take shape