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Fix the Flaw: Get Halliburton a 2nd star


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+1 player ($34.0m),
Cap Impact + $5.7M

-1  Wins

-41.88  MPG

+4.20  Off.

+0.41  Def.



+3 players ($28.2m) +4 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.7M

+1  Wins

+41.88  MPG

-4.20  Off.

-0.41  Def.

Indiana is poised for a leap with Halliburton and Mathurin, along with other good young guys. None of them looks like a true second star. They could wait to see who develops but why not go for it while the East is in some degree of flux. Siakam is the obvious guy but in this scenario, the Pelicans are moving on from Zion because the health stuff is too uncertain and they have enough talent to succeed without him.

Indiana keeps their core. The Hali to Zion lob game will be fun. Turner provides a great 3&d 5 next to Zion. This lineup can contend:

Halliburton- Brown - Mathurin - Zion - Turner

Pelicans could keep or flip these assets. They have a crazy number of picks and could go get Siakam or even Dame at this point. Nembhard is a future starter at PG and Toppin has potential. Hield gives them shooting or a tradeable contract. This is already a good lineup:

CJ - Hield/Dyson - Ingram - Herb/Murphy - JV