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3 Team Major Swap/Trade. Who says no?

Here’s an interesting thought for the three teams in the east who I feel could be much better than they are doing.

Raptors need to figure out the OG, Scottie, and Siakam issue, and need a solid point guard. I think this trade is very interesting for them, and elevates them above their current level just simply for better fit. I know some fans may argue that Siakam alone would be worthy in this trade, but considering he’s on an expiring and older than Trae, I think value wise this is fair.

Something is not working in Atlanta, and for as great as Trae is, I honestly think he may be the issue. This trade sees them switch out their two point guard backcourt for a more traditional one with Murray and Lavine, they could play either Bey or Johnson at the 3, Siakam at the 4, and Capela at the 5. They also bring in Caruso as a solid bench guy with Onyeka and Matthews. I believe this will elevate them as contenders as well.

Finally for the Bulls, we know their experiment has not worked, and they are in a tough position to do anything about it. This trade sees them get two firsts and a second, a prospect in Griffin, young guys in Hunter and Flynn who I personally don’t think we’ve seen their ceilings, a good shooter in Bogdanovic, and vet presence in Mills. Overall not a bad return, and much better than some proposed trades.

Comment below your thoughts! Who wins this trade? Let me know what works and what doesn’t and please try to keep it constructive!