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3 team deal - Hawks big 3? - Nuggets complete the roster - Suns get a sixth man


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+2 players ($41.1m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $402K

-3  Wins

-26.24  MPG

+0.01  Off.

+0.08  Def.



+2 players ($18.0m),
Cap Impact - $1.6M

-1  Wins

+13.95  MPG

+1.96  Off.

+0.17  Def.



+2 players ($33.0m),
Cap Impact + $184K

+4  Wins

+12.29  MPG

-1.97  Off.

-0.25  Def.

Hi all,

This is my best rendition of a trade I’ve seen going round the rumour mill recently. The nuggets have been linked with John Collins and MPJ has been brought up in the conversations.

Here’s a variation that I think puts all 3 teams in a better place, let me know your thoughts:

Nuggets: The Nuggets push in their pieces while retaining the few tradable 1sts they have at their disposal. For me, MPJ has incredible upside, no one in the league can quite shoot like him, he’s the best contested 3 point shooter in the NBA. But with that upside comes a lot of risk. Coming back from injury this year he’s not quite as athletic as he was pre surgery which damages his chances at being an elite self shot creator on all 3 levels but the main concern would be is he over the injury slump? Clippers chief doctor said he had the worst medical he’d ever seen predraft in 2018. It’s a real 50/50 I think.

Therefore with a contending roster the Nuggets damage their ceiling but round out their roster and finally sort their back up big option.

Collins is a wonderful roller with real athleticism and prior to this season he’s been a really reliable 3 point shooter. If all works out he comes in for a pseudo sixth man role, leading the second unit in a run and gun small ball lineup as opposed to playing Deandre Jordan. Long term there’d be hope that you could close with Gordon at the 3, Collins the 4 and Jokic the 5 but I think in the short term you’d elevate Brown to starting SF and allow Collins to rediscover his jumper. Shamet is also the kind of guy who works really well next to Jokic. His low usage reliable shooting would allow for Mike Malone to mix up the starters and the bench a bit. Perhaps allowing Murray to play more minutes with the 2nd unit, trying to address their historic Jokic on off numbers.

Hawks: This is a huge move for the Hawks that has the potential to elevate them to contenders over the next few years. The trade clears Collins off the roster. At the moment he’s the odd man out on a roster comprising two more defensive rim runners who fit better next to Trae Young if you want any chance at getting stops. Porter in theory is a brilliant fit next to the two guards. He can theoretically score a hyper efficient 20 a game while opening up the floor for ball handlers with his off ball gravity. He still offers ancillary rim protection with his big frame. And in 2nd units paired with either Trae or Dejounte he can shoulder a bigger on ball load. Porter is the quintessential portable offensive weapon in the NBA. But…. That’s if he’s healthy. There’s a chance that this trade messes up their rebuild, saddling them with an injury riddled MPJ on $30,000,000 per year long term. Is it worth the risk? I think so, Porters best case scenario is absolute star, particularly if he regains some of that athleticism mentioned above and this is a super cheap price for that kind of potential. It should be noted that Bogdan is a loss for the Hawks but I’ve seen him in trade rumours recently and Crowder adds more defensive solidity to the roster. I think this move gives them more of an identity. Opens up the floor and ultimately leads to more wins and a higher upside long term in Atlanta.

Suns: Having crashed back down to earth after a hit start this year in the league acquiring a 3rd ball handling guard should be at the top of Phoenix’s agenda this year. Bogdanovic is the perfect guy. Able to play off a primary guy he’d work great next to Paul or Booker and allow for CP3 to rest up in the regular season. I’ve seen links to Eric Gordon who’d perform a similar role for the Suns but this prevents them becoming a Scottsdale retirement home.

Here’s how I see each team line up:

Nuggets: PG: Murray, SG: KCP, SF: Brown, PF: Gordon, C: Jokic - sixth man: Collins, heavy rotation minutes: Bones, Green - rotation guys: Braun, Cancar, Shamet, Nnaji

Much better balance to the roster, spacing suffers a little bit with the bench in theory fixed I think the Nuggest consolidate as a top 3 team in the West and push towards 55 wins.

Hawks: PG: Young, SG: Murray, SF: Hunter, PF: MPJ, C: Capela, sixth man: Crowder, heavy rotation minutes: Okongwu, AJ Griffin- rotation guys: the Holidays, J.Johnson and J.Culver?

This should address a few issues for the Hawks, namely increasing their threat from deep. It’s also leaning into the Helio systems around Trae and Dejounte essentially always having one super ball dominant guard on the floor presuming everyone else is healthy. I think you’re looking at around 48 wins in the regular season and suddenly a sleeper in playoffs.

Suns: PG: CP3, SG: Booker, SF: Bridges, PF: Johnson, C: Ayton - sixth man: B.Bogdanovic, heavy rotation minutes: Payne, Lee, Craig - rotation guys: Landale, Saric, Biyombo

I think this requires the least explanation. Suns get a little better, essentially trading out Shamet’s minutes for Bogdan in an expanded role. They cruise to a top 3 seed in the West and are better prepared for the playoffs this year than last year having rested Paul.

All done, well done for making it this far, like and flame if you enjoyed the read and let me know your thoughts.