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Pacers New Elite Offense


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Pacers' offense is one of the most pleasant surprises in the NBA this year. 1st in points and 2nd in effciency. Haliburton is reaching his potential as one of the best offensive engines in the league and one of the best playmakers we've ever seen. He feels like the PG version of Jokic his efficiency as a scorer and passer is so good.

Now imagine if the Pacers acquired another elite scorer, still relatively young and on a long-term deal that can help this squad win now and later. They barely have to give up any assets other than picks. The only asset they are giving up is really Toppin who's expiring, as much as I love Nemhard they have Haliburton, Mathurin, and McConnell.

Lavine will elevate this offense, especially in the playoffs (assuming he's not a choke). Lavine's greatest weaknesses are playmaking and ball handling. Two responsibilities completely covered by the players mentioned previously.

Pacers: PG. Haliburton

SG. Brown

SF. Lavine

PF. Jalen Smith

C. Turner

  1. Mathurin

  2. Nesmith

  3. Nembhard

  4. McConnell

  5. Walker

  6. Jackson

  7. Sheppard