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Jaden Ivey to Canada (Raptors Rebuild Series #1)


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+2 players ($19.7m),
Cap Impact + $1.0M

-3  Wins

+9.30  MPG

-1.85  Off.

-1.43  Def.



+1 player ($18.6m),
Cap Impact - $1.0M

+3  Wins

-9.30  MPG

+1.85  Off.

+1.43  Def.

Welcome back to another trade by kawntent sports, anf the start of a new rebuild series for the Raptors. I believe that the Raptors ought to rebuild because they have been a play-in team and they aren't really getting anywhere with Siakam as the number one option. It's time for a reset up North, and this series seeks to bring outside-the-box trade ideas into the mix for Toronto. I'd like to thank stroshow for inspiring this trade because I saw his name a minute ago and that sparked me to make a Jaden Ivey trade proposal, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Why the Pistons do this:

The Pistons seem to be nearing the end of their rebuild. With Cade coming back this year, Ausar Thompson entering, and a possible jump from Jalen Duren or Isaiah Stewart, this team is set to compete for a play-in spot this year. However, Jaden Ivey is a bit behind schedule for them. Ivey averaged 16 points per game this season but that number is likely to drop with Cade coming back and Ausar Thompson entering the wing rotation. Also, he did it on mediocre-at-best efficiency, 41% from the field, 33% from three, and below 75% from the free throw line, which is embarrassing for a guard. OG Anunoby can come in and help build solid defense on this team while also having his chance to shine as one of the top options this season. He's solid on both ends of the floor and fills the small forward spot that opens up with Ausar Thompson sliding to the 2 after this trade.

Why the Raptors do this:

Jaden Ivey may be behind the Pistons schedule, but he will work fine for a Raptors reset that is just beginning. Ivey will have access to Toronto's top-tier player development staff and will be able to work on his game in a setting out of the spotlight. It seems this is likely the best return the Raptors will get for an expiring Anunoby contract and brings them a second player with sky-high potential alongside Scottie Barnes. This deal obviously signals the start of a much-needed reset in Toronto.

Let me know your thoughts on this unique trade idea in the comments. Is this enough for OG Anunoby? Should the Pistons keep Jaden Ivey? I'd love to hear your perspective.