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BBGM Hawks Simulation

I simmed rebuilding the Hawks from 2017 onward, and it was really good, with a team that had the main stars end up being Gary Harris and De’Andre Ayton. We also had stars in Juancho Hernengomez, Jarrett Allen, and other young studs (Aaron Nesmith, Dillion Brooks, e.t.c.).

Moves I Made To Try To Help:

Got Andrew Wiggins As 6th Man, Won 6MOTY That Year

Traded for some SIMULATION PLAYER (Forgot his name) averaging 25ish ppg to be the third star and push my team over the top.

P.S.: It didn’t work.

Summary of Simulation (2017-2028):

2 NBA Finals Losses

4 Eastern Conference Finals Losses (3 To New York Knicks, We Beat Them 1 Time In Conference Finals, 1 In Semis)

2 Eastern Conference Semifinals Losses (One Ayton was injured)

Finshed 49-33 a lot at the beginning of the sim and at the end

Gave up a 3-1 NBA FINALS LEAD the first time we made it (surprisingly early in the rebuild).

After giving up that lead, gave up a 3-1 CONFERENCE FINALS LEAD TO NEW YORK the NEXT YEAR.

Pain. New York won like 5 times. We won none.

If any clarification is needed, I did trade away Schroeder and Bazemore and let Milsap walk in FA. My first lineup was around Harris, Len, Schroeder, Ayton, and Prince. I forgot when I traded Schroeder, but it was early in the process.