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MASSIVE 5-team deal landing Dame in Miami and Harden in LA!


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+3 players ($40.1m),
Cap Impact - $6.6M

+2  Wins

-3.53  MPG

+1.81  Off.

+2.74  Def.

For Portland- they get a lions share, valuable wings in Powell and Martin, young Jovic, as well as expirings and picks. What they want.

For Miami- might be awkward wit Jimmy and Tobias. But a lineup of Dame, Richardson, Jimmy, Tobias, Bam and a bench of Jaquez, Bryant, Love, free agent signings would be lethal.

For LA- they get another star. Risk it. They dont give up much, and get more cap room for next offseason.

For Atlanta- they get more depth for Hunter, and in addition get more cap space next offseason. Maybe trade Morris' salary for a star. Also get a second. Let Bey start for now.

For Philly- I think they are the winners. Landing both Herro and Hunter for Harden is a W and helps their future.