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Young player Swapped for better fit


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+3 players ($22.1m),
Cap Impact + $2.2M

+4  Wins

+0.22  MPG

+0.99  Off.

+0.46  Def.

Warriors: With the Jordan Poole situation and Draymonds age, Pj being a 6’8 pf who can be a great small ball five would be a good successor to Draymond. He has much experience of guarding much larger players due to hornets lacking talent at the 5 for most of his career and also can shoot the three ball well. Passing ability will have to be improved but he has shown flashes of good passing ability. Mark Williams could fill in a Kevon Looney type role like wiseman but unlike wiseman, the warriors style of basketball will maximize his game not limit, since he is mainly a rim protector/lob threat. With Wiggins only being 26 he may have about 4-6 more years of good basketball which should will be focused on more so than kuminga development, which will stunt kumingas growth. Oubre is a vet role player who could contribute off the bench.

Hornets: This trade would allow hornets to fully maximize wiseman’s potential by giving him offensive looks the warriors can not afford to give him due to them being contenders. Also playing a playmaker point guard like Lamelo in the pick roll would better both of there games. Kuminga has shown flashes of the potential of being a great player but again with the warriors being contenders he won’t have the opportunity to maximize his game, while being inconsistent in minutes. The hornets being a rebuilding team could possible start him and give him offensive looks that will eventually advance his game. Especially with bridges status being uncertain.