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KNICKS Score Poole In Major Trade Scenario❕☎️


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+1 player ($2.3m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $1.6M

-5  Wins

+0.06  MPG

-0.39  Off.

+1.58  Def.



+1 player ($3.9m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $1.6M

+5  Wins

-0.06  MPG

+0.39  Off.

-1.58  Def.

Just Calm Down First‼️

…Haters incoming…but hear me out and read full article below-


* I believe this could happen because Knicks are trying to win now, despite their slow start. This off-season proved they don’t care about picks anymore and they are ready to cash in. Signed RJ longer, moved some pieces and got Brunson. Knicks could ship off rookie guard and 2 FRPs and a Swap for a real shot. Next season they could move more pieces too and sign Poole to a major extension too. Rose may not be extended by then.

Warriors at want to trade in Pooles value now as they can’t financially keep Poole without destroying the team. Wiseman needs an extension u less they want to wash him away. Green wants more money. Klay and Curry are top dollar players. Without trading and reshaping the squad, Poole will need to go. I believe they should move Klay and Green myself but I do not think Curry would be okay with losing his friends but he is also a very reasonable player. So who knows🤷🏼‍♂️