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JJ’s Build Around Challenge… Magic vs Bird!

So I saw this segment on JJ's podcast building a "perfect team" around Michael Jordan in the modern NBA. He gave himself a few parameters like a 12 man roster... a salary cap... and MJ to have a 51M dollar contract (tied for the highest in the NBA with Curry). That was fun he had Jokic and Derrick White and Mikel Brides etc. But I thought some of his rules were too soft like allowing himself rookies on the team which are contract cheats.

Here are my rules: Rules:

  1. One HOF Max Player: 51M

  2. Team Salary Cap: 195M (188) -Why? It is the average payroll of contenders within the 2nd tax apron. So we're all in!

  3. 12 man team -4 minimum contracts from the Legend's home team.

  4. No Rookie contracts

  5. No Supermax players (Jaylen Brown, Steph, Giannis, Jokic, Luka, Beal, KAT, Dame, Booker, Embiid, Gobert)

  6. Can only use 1 player from each team -Except for the 4 vet minimums from the hometeam

  7. No repeat players between the opposing teams.

Magic Show: -HC Darwin Ham

-Magic’s style of play? RUN. We all know that the Showtime Lakers ran the best and more entertaining fastbreak offense known to man. Magic is going to push the pace and need players to fun in transition with him without neglecting the modern need of defensive versatility and shooting. SGA is top 5 in fastbreak points in the league as well as being a lockdown defender. Bam and Gordon are both extremely athletic bugs who can run. And though not great on defense Hield is one of the best shooters of all time and also loves to run in transition for easy buckets.


SG. SGA 33.5

SF. Hield 20M

PF. Gordon 22M

C. Bam 32.5

  1. DiVencezno 11M

  2. Claxton 9.5

  3. TJ McCennell 8.5M

  4. Reddish 2M

  5. Wood 2.5M

  6. Dinwiddie 1.5M

  7. Hayes 2M

Big Bird: -HC Joe Mazzulla

-Bird’s style of play? BALANCE. Bird imo is the epidemy of balance. He was not a volume scorer but if he needed to put up 40+ to win the game he would, similar to Lebron in that right. Bird was an exceptional playmaker, secondary ball handler, hardnosed rebounder, and versatile defender. Don't forget the 3-level scoring as well. Thus in his team I tried to surround him by other versatile players starting with a strong defensively dominant front court like he always had in Boston with McHale and Parish. AD and Allen would easily be the best defensive duo in the league. Ironically I loved the fit of both the Murray's in the backcourt backed up by maybe the 6-man and best backup C in the league.

PG. J. Murray 34M

SG. D. Murray 18M


PF. AD 40.5

C. Allen 20M

  1. Monk 10M

  2. Hartenstein 9M

  3. Nesmith 5.5M

  4. Hauser 2M

  5. Kornet 2M

  6. Tillman 2M

  7. Brissett 2M


Team Magic


Team Bird

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