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Christian Wood is a Laker!


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+1 player ($0),
Cap Impact + $2.5M

+3  Wins

+17.42  MPG

-1.70  Off.

+0.73  Def.

I’m late to this, but my phone has been broken and i have been online. but here’s my initial thoughts.

I’ve always loved Christian Wood, so having him on the Lakers is really cool. Wood brings spacing to a team that was garbage shooting wise the past few years, and he also adds size to a team that lacked a rotation back up big the last few years. I think Christian Wood can flourish in LA if he works on these few things:

  • His defense. He isn’t bad, but for a team that is defensively centered, we need him to be at a decent level to keep what made us good at the end of last year going. It’s only a matter of when AD goes down, and in that scenario, if Wood is getting 30-35 minutes a game, he needs to be able to pick up at least somewhat decently where AD left off. Im sure he can work on that though.

  • His personality. This has been a huge factor for Wood not being signed up until Tuesday night, and something he has to work on. There are 3, maybe 4 better players than Wood on the Lakers, and Wood might need to adjust to that. Wood can’t be making demands like Thomas Bryant last year, or he’ll end up being traded and the idea of getting his value up won’t happen. Also, if you don’t get along with LeBron, your out, and Wood needs to work on realizing he isn’t the main guy in LA

  • His Role. Wood likely won’t be starting at the 4 with the amount of forwards we have, and AD will likely stick at the 5. Wood doesn’t like coming off the bench as we saw last year, so we might need to see him get adjusted to that. Even if he does start, AD is still the main big on the team, and Wood needs to know that he isn’t gonna get the ball as much as Dallas. I could be wrong, but this is really important if Wood does get stuck in a 6th man role.