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Dallas Mavericks offseason moves


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+3 players ($30.2m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $1.3M

+ 0  Wins

+5.15  MPG

-2.97  Off.

+1.78  Def.

The Mavs are title contenders clearly. They have an awesome team around Luka and Kyrie that fits together perfectly. The main goals are to maintain roster unity, continue to maintain and build chemistry (especially with the midseason acquisitions PJ and Gafford, despite how awesome they have already been), and retain Derrick Jones Jr.

Ideally, Derrick Jones Jr will re-sign with Dallas on a 1+1 contract for the taxpayer MLE of ~5.1 million with a player option, which would give Dallas his early bird rights for next off-season. At that point he would opt out of the player option and re-sign with Dallas for a 4 year, ~61 million dollar deal. This is the same process that Milwaukee and LAC went through with Bobby Portis and Nicolas Batum in the past (you can read here for more information on the cap mechanics behind this here if you are interested. ).

If he does not want to accept that deal (which, with how he has played so far, could be very likely), then we will need to get a bit more creative. In that case, we would need to open up around 10 million in cap space for this to work. Here, the Mavs combine Green and Hardaway to go get Dorian Finney-Smith. Green has shown flashes of creation and scoring in the past, but has also played well as a young player around Luka and Kyrie, and has developed into a nice 3 and D option with a great corner 3 shot (~40% for the year from there). Dallas brings in a long time Maverick favorite in DFS, a guy who Luka loves and is a proven great fit next to him. PJ, DFS, and DJJ provide an immense amount of length and defense, and all 3 are the exact type of role player you want in between Lukai and the Lob Goblins of Gafford and Lively.

Dallas also re-signs Markieff Morris as a veteran presence off of the bench. Morris has been huge in Dallas as a veteran leader, and Kidd just recently said that Morris "has actually been the MVP for us" (hyperbole of course but speaks to his importance).