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The 'Never Let Them Know Your Next Move Mock 🐐'



This will be the best mock in the history of mocks, even better than Blocker Bears (No Dis), this will be ran extremely professionally and there will be no BS involved, just fanspo users GM'ing winning bragging rights, it is also extremely easy to play and does not consume much of your time.

Overview πŸ‘€:

The theme of this mock is to develop as much depth as possible. You will build your team and you will lose 2 of you players to random number generator and they will rejoin with another team (decided by random name generator). You must be ready for this. Once teams are built and sim begins I will sim two weeks and give each team a mystery goal that they must achieve within 24 hours, if failed you lose points, if complete you gain points.

some of these mysteries include❓:

Trade your best player

receive 3 frp

trade your 6th man

trade for 3 srp

trade for player under 25

Trade for player over 30

trade you second best player

How To Play πŸ“ƒ:
  1. Upvote and Flame this Post

  2. Select your team you want (every team will have 1 srp and one frp each season to begin with)

  3. Trading Will Begin When all teams are filled

  4. Free Agents May Be Signed

  5. After Teams are Built two players will leave some may may join

  6. Every two days I will sim a fortnight and give goals

  7. Once deadline hits rest of season simmed

Rules πŸ“ƒ:
  • No Stepien

  • No Financial Rules

  • No Harmful Comments etc

  • No Trade negotiation after deadline

Point System (Each Year Points Will Be Tallied) πŸ“ƒ:
  • 100 Points for Finals Win

  • 60 Points For Finals Appearance

  • 20 Points for every play off round advanced

  • 20 points for every first round pick owned at the end of season

  • 10 points for every second round pick owned at the end of season

  • 10 Points for complete goal

  • -10 points for incomplete Goal

Teams πŸ“ƒ:

Atlanta Hawks- Lebro900, assistant gm tyrone capela

Boston Celtics- blocker_bears9

Brooklyn Nets- PeanutMan

Charlotte Hornets- SpiralDUBS

Chicago Bulls- Warriorsfan

Cleveland Cavaliers- KobeBrown4MVP

Dallas Mavericks-LetsGetitLetsgo

Denver Nuggets- BiGG_GaVVy_MaiN

Detroit Pistons- Swagitbear

Golden State Warriors- 49ersForever

Houston Rockets-bkray

Indiana Pacers- bobthebird

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers- stephcurrysalt

Memphis Grizzlies- skrishnan2

Miami Heat- HeatFan

Milwaukee Bucks- Jalenbrunson4MVP

Minnesota Timberwolves- JAYCEEHORNISHIM

New Orleans Pelicans

New York Knicks- KnickGM

Oklahoma City Thunder- jmcgive1

Orlando Magic- MDDAWG14

Philadelphia 76ers- statuscitymedia

Phoenix Suns- charlessschroed

Portland Trail Blazers- Heatlifer

Sacramento Kings- JruedaGOATfr

San Antonio Spurs- JcoletheGOAT

Toronto Raptors- shaiforMVP

Utah Jazz- lgthomashd

Washington Wizards

Roster Post-

Trade Negotiation-

Final Trade Post-

Free Agencey-