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Teams Kept

Check the mock out!

I had to cut all players on 10-day contracts (except lance cause he will probably resing) to reach the maximum number of players per team

pls write your team roster like the example I gave on my team (Toronto), write your roster and your picks

Atlanta Hawks: Wings2008

Boston Celtics:

Brooklyn Nets:

Charlotte Hornets:

Chicago Bulls:

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Dallas Mavericks:

Denver Nuggets:

Detroit Pistons:

Golden State Warriors:

Houston Rockets: SteelHouston

Indiana Pacers:

Los Angeles Clippers:

Los Angeles Lakers: vikramrao13

Memphis Grizzlies:

Miami Heat:

Milwaukee Bucks: KnicksTape

Minnesota Timberwolves:

New Orleans Pelicans:

New York Knicks:

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Orlando Magic:

Philadelphia 76ers:

Phoenix Suns:

Portland Trail Blazers:

Sacramento Kings: Tristan

San Antonio Spurs:

Toronto Raptors: tommybonfa

Utah Jazz:

Washington Wizards: