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welcome to a new mock on Basketball GM

Welcome to a brand new mock! I have planned a new simulation on Basketball GM and I will be the commissioner of the league. The start date of the season will be decide as soon as possible. The season will be will be sim until the trade death line, to allow the teams to make trades, the following week the season will end. So let's get into the rules:

Draft: for now I do not know well how to do for the draft, follow updates in the coming days.

Free Agency

Free Agency will have 3 waves. Each Wave will last 5 days (subject to change). It will be like a bidding war where if you have the best deal, you get the player, but if there is a draw (maximum contractual ties are more common), those teams have to make a shot. The one with the best shot gets the player.

Pick Protections you can't protect the picks


So, in this simulation, all 30 teams will have their current roster. You can select your team now and there is a separate post for all the teams taken. As for trading, you can make trades for a week similar to the auction period.


Teams kept:

Standings: not started yet

Free Agents and draft: not started yet

Trade post (negotiations and completed deals):