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Clippers roster mock

Kawhi Leonard Russell Westbrook thybulle Eric Bledsoe Marcus Morris Luke kennard KCP serge ibaka ivicc zubac Nic Batum keon johnson Terrence mann drummond Preston Amir Coffey and Jay scrubb Justice Winslow picks: 1: (traded)2022 PHi, , (traded)2026PHI, 2027(SB with PHI), 2028, (traded)2028PHI 2: 2022,2023,, 2024, 2025, 2025 DET, 2026,2026 WIZ, 2027 WIZ 2028a looking to reshape roster, not rebuild... that means everyone is avalible, kawhi being the hardest to get, PG likely to be traded assuming I get solid offers traded reggie Jackson for KCP and 2 srps simmons thybulle springer drummond 3 frps and 2 pick swaps for PG and hartenstein