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The entire Spurs history in 775 words exactly

Here is a brief history of the Spurs:

Hey, it's 1967 and the ABA is being created. Texas is big right? Let's add a team in Dallas and name them what? The Chaparrals which is a "vegetation consisting chiefly of tangled shrubs and thorny bushes" (thanks Google). In their entire 6 years there, nothing notable happened other than 1 playoff appearance, yay! No one watches us so let's move to Fort Worth, oh wait, no one really cares about us either. San Antonio maybe? It's 1973 so sure. Thanks to the 36 businessmen that helped bring us here. Fun fact: The team was supposed to be named the Gunslingers but became the Spurs before any games. In 1974, they got George Gervin from Virginia pairing him with James Silas and Swen Nater. They were solid in the playoffs but never amounted to much. Oh wow, the NBA is merging with the ABA. And SAS is lucky to head to the NBA and somehow keep Gervin. In 1978, Gervin won the scoring title and in 1979, they just barely came back from 3-0 against the Bullets in the ECFs (yes, that is the Eastern conference) but lost 107-105. They succeeded and were alright but your prime doesn't last forever so Gervin was sent to Chicago in '85. The next 4 years were a dark period of SAS fans but slowly built a core especially drafting David Robinson #1 in 1987. In 89, Robinson came over from the Navy and with the recent additions of Terry Cummings and Sean Elliott and went from the worst team in the league to a 56-26 record. They were alright but never got far in the playoffs. In '97, David Robinson broke his foot and missed the season so the team sucked with a rookie HC named Gregg Popovich. They got the 1st pick and selected some dude named Timothy Duncan. Immediately in 1999, the Twin Towers Spurs won their first championship against an 8. Knicks with a deep rotation. They also drafted some guy named Manu in 1999 but he wouldn't come till 2002. In '01, they drafted a French dude named Tony Parker. 2000-2002 was a rivalry with the Lakers but 2003, they won another ring as Manu and TP stepped up after D-Rob retired. They were deep though, with Robert Horry, Steve Kerr and the greatest big ever, Rasho Nesterovic. In '05, they beat the Pistons in 7 thanks to Horry being clutch for the first time ever. In '06, they lost to a dude named Dirk but in '07 they beat the Cavs. And Spurs fans will be mad if I don't mention this guy, so Bruce Bowen played great defense against LBJ. But, they slowly were aging as guys were old by the late 2000s and early 2010s. It all changed in 2011 since they traded for pick 15 aka Kawhi Leonard. The team was rejuvenated with young talent such as Cory Joseph, Patty Mills, Danny Green and Tiago Splitter. And boom, they are in Finals contention. In Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, SAS could smell the championship but Chris Bosh got a rebound, made a pass and Ray Allen put the ball through the basket. They lost in 7 but 2014 was their chance as they won with Kawhi's elite defense and won him FMVP. BTW, coach Pop is just a legend at this point. And as they almost won against LAC, Chris Paul did the nastiest Dikembe Mutombo no-no-no to them and they lost. In 2016, they added Lamarcus through the offseason and went 67-15 just to lose in the 2nd round. In 2016, Timmy D retired and Kawhi took over. He became an MVP candidate in 2017 as they made the WCFs. But in game 1, Zaza Pachulia of GSW just ruined their chances and injured Kawhi which sidelined him for the 2018 season. They lost in the WCFs and it was interesting in 2018 as LMA carried them and the future was promising with Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and Davis Bertans. In the 2018 offseason, Manu retired and TP left to CHA and Kawhi... got traded to TOR for Demar and Poeltl. They lost in the first round to Denver. In 2020, they got invited to the bubble but clearly missed the playoffs and it was the first time since '97 it happened. In '21, LMA left during the season to BKN and the team went full rebuild mode. They lost Demar to CHI in the offseason and now we are here. Dejounte became an All-Star, White got traded and the future seems bright with picks and youth. What do you think's next for Pop, Dejounte and the Spurs?

Thanks for reading! This is a series I plan on making for the offseason, lmk how I did! Hope you enjoyed and thanks!