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Potato's Final Mock Draft: What I Would Do!

1:1 Bears: Caleb Williams QB (USC)

-Best QB prospect since Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow

1:2 Commanders: Jayden Daniels QB (LSU)

-Very very close between Maye. I think they have similar ceilings but Daniels a slightly higher floor and just a bad fit for the Pats IMO.

1:3 Pats: Drake Maye QB (NC)

-Pats get the better fit at QB. His pocket presence, deep ball, and frame give the provide the traits to build on as a franchise guy.

1:4 Cards: Marvin Harrison Jr. WR (Ohio St.)

-Marvin HIM Jr.

1:5 Chargers: Malik Nabers WR (LSU)

-A slightly more ready and versatile prospect than Odunze

1:6 Giants: Rome Odunze WR (Washington)

-Could end of being the best WR in the draft or even league.

1:7 Titans: Joe Alt LT (ND)

-Man I wanted to go with a bold pick here like Bowers or Odunze but after they gave Ridley and Cushberry the bag they just need a T so bad. Generational prospect.

1:8 Falcons: Brock Bowers TE (Georgia)

-Falcons have the chance to create one of the most unique offenses in the league with Pitts and Bowers causing mismatch hell not to mention Bijan.

1:9 Bears: Dallas Turner EDGE (Bama)

-Turner could be true game wrecker by far the best defender in the draft trading down to pass on him is foolish idc if you’re low on draft picks.

-Broncos: 10th
-Jets: 12th & 76th
1:10 Broncos: J.J. McCarthy QB (Michigan)*

-I’ve changed my tune on JJ. His midrange passing especially on the run is really good. I think he’s very similar to Mac Jones who ofc won OROY or prime Jimmy G who did make a SB. But can he be more? Idk but the Broncos are better off taking the gamble here simply because someone else will and Broncos arguably are the most desperate.

1:11 Vikings: Chop Robinson EDGE (Penn St.)

-The untapped potential and explosiveness is scary. Vikings are known to develop their freaky athletes. He’s my 2nd favorite Penn St. OLB I’ve scouted…

1:12 Jets: J.C. Latham RT (Bama)*

-Jets can’t waste time developing a T like Fashanu or even Fuaga. Latham imo is more ready and comfortable on the right.

1:13 Raiders: Xavier Worthy WR (Tex)

-My favorite prospect in the whole draft even before he broke the record. How do you not see Waddle when you watch this guy.

1:14 Saints: Brian Thomas Jr. WR (LSU)

-The best contested catching WR in the draft to pair with their speedster Olave.

1:15 Colts: Kool-Aid McKinstry CB (Bama)

-Has become the most underrated prospect in the draft. You’ll be hard pressed to find a weakness. He’s a fantastic athlete. Blanket CB. Best zone CB in the draft which fits the Colt scheme.

1:16 Seahawks: Byron Murphy DL (Tex)

-The 2nd best defender in the draft this man was born to collapse a pocket

-Eagles: 17th
-Jags: 22nd, 120th, 2025 4th
1:17 Eagles: Terrion Arnold CB (Bama)

-Was on the fence about trading up. I’m not saying it’s realistic. It’s just what I’d do. As the Jags I’m taking the draft capital in what I think is a deep and balanced CB class. Eagles need to fix their last remaining hole and go all in on the chip so if they think Arnold is even slightly better or more ready than Quinyon you do this.

1:18 Bengals: Taliese Fuaga G/T (Oregon St.)

-We all know that need it

1:19 Rams: Laiatu Latu EDGE (UCLA)

-Idek what to think of the Rams with no Donald ig try to fix the DL I just don’t see a title contender anymore

1:20 Steelers: Kalen King CB (Penn St.)

-Also a severely underrated CB who arguably was better than Joey Porter last year. It’s such a safe pick by the Steelers in a position of need.

1:21 Phins: Amarius Mims RT (Georgia)

-He’s raw but Tua needs protection

1:22 Jags: Quinyon Mitchell CB (Toledo)

-Fix the secondary pls

1:23 Vikings: Jer'Zhan Newton DT (IL)

-After being robbed of JJ by the Broncos the Vikings focus on that DL and look toward ext hear for a QB

1:24 Cowboys: Olumuyiwa Fashanu LT (Penn St.)

-Kings of BPA in recent history. Dallas walks away when the “steal” of the draft again just to lose round 1 of the playoffs.

1:25 Packers: Cooper DeJean SLOT (Iowa)

-The gadget DB who can play slot CB or S will be perfect in GB’s DB heavy defense

1:26 Bucs: Jackson Powers-Johnson C (Oregon)

-Replacement franchise C

1:27 Cards: Braden Fiske DL (Florida St.)

-Super raw but has a massive potential makes me think Chandler Jones this guy is a freak

1:28 Bills: Adonai Mitchell WR (Tex)

This team will forever live and die by Josh Allen so get him a complimentary weapon to Diggs (while he’s still there)

EDIT: He’s not still there lol

1:29 Lions: Ennis Rakestraw Jr. CB (Mizzou)

-We all know they need a CB. Rakestraw is a dawg.

1:30 Ravens: Jared Verse EDGE (Florida St.)

-Some may call it a steal I say it’s still a reach. If I had to pick one perennial first round prospect to be a bust it might be him (other than a QB)

-Titans: 31st
-49ers: 38th, 106
1:31 Titans: Trey Benson RB (Florida St.)*

-49ers trade down for extra capital whereas as Titans leap on the opportunity to get their RB1 with a 5th year option.

1:32 Chiefs: Tyler Guyton LT (Oklahoma)

-Future LT of the chiefs

2:1 Panthers: Keon Coleman WR (Florida St.)

-Best weapon available

2:2 Pats: Graham Barton OL (Duke)

-Versatile OL that can play anywhere on the line

2:3 Cards: Nate Wiggins CB (Clemson)

-Imo the most overrated prospect in the draft. His tape did not wow me. The dude hut himself just running a 40. I think he lacks physicality and didn't face many elite WRs.

2:4 Commanders: Troy Fautanu OL (Wash)

-Another versatile OL who can play T or G to protect Daniels

2:5 Chargers: Patrick Paul OT (Houston)

-Potentially the future RT of LA

2:6 49ers: Javon Bullard FS (Georgia)*

-49ers get the chance to trade down for the best safety in the draft. He's a hard-nosed tackler led by his instincts. Arguably their biggest hole.

2:7 Panthers: Edgerrin Cooper LB (Tex A&M)

-Losing Luvu hurts especially when he didn't get that much money on the open market. Regardless you need a replacement.

2:8 Commanders: Bralen Trice EDGE (Wash)

-Another underrated prospect IMO the production is there, the man really moves for his size.

2:9 Packers: Kamari Lassiter CB (Georgia)

-Packers continue to target their Georgia prospects bolstering the secondary with DeJean and Lassiter.

2:10 Bills: Tyler Nubin SS (Minnesota)

-Bills go BPA replacing Poyer

2:11 Falcons: Darius Robinson DL (Mizzou)

-Darius Robinson is a perfect scheme fit able to play than 3-4 Edge role with Jarrett.

2:12 Raiders: Michael Penix Jr. QB (Wash)

-I do not think there are even 4 true first round QBs. Raiders quietly sit and wait to take their potential franchise QB in the 2nd. Surrounded by weapons of Adams, Worthy, Meyers, and Mayer.

2:13 Saints: Payton Wilson LB (NC St.)

-Saints love their LB and go BPA

2:14 Colts: Ja'Tavion Sanders TE (Tex)

-Do I think the Colts would do this? No. Should they? Yes. I can't ever recall the Colts having a decent to good TE tbh. They need more pass catchers and Sanders can help Taylor in the run game as well.

2:15 Giants: Bo Nix QB (Oregon)

-My prediction will be that Bo Nix takes the starting position by week 6. Profile wise I think he's very similar to Danial JOnes. He can tucka nd run but not a fan of his ability to throw on the run. He is conservative with the deep ball with not a super strong arm but he is accurate as long as this guy can avoid fumbling in the league I think he'll be at least better than DJ but no I do not think Bo Nix is a future franchise QB.

2:16 Jags: Troy Franklin WR (Oregon)

-More vertical speed to stretch the field

2:17 Bengals: Ladd McConkey WR (Georgia)

-Bengals are all in on the championship this year bringing Higgins back. Cross your fingers hopefully the OL is better but then they load up on weapons as well and have a replacement WR2 when Higgins walks next year.

2:18 Eagles: Cedric Gray LB (NC)

-A neglected need by the Eagles

2:19 Steelers: Zach Frazier C (W. Virginia)

-Bolster the interior OL to establish the run game and play off of it. IT's what both Russell and Fields need.

2:20 Rams: Kingsley Suamataia OL (BYU)

-A freaky athlete who needs to work on technique. Not as ready as prospect the Rams may want but they need any OL bad. Probabaly a better G day 1 than T.

2:21 Eagles: Kamren Kinchens SS (Miami)

-An electric safety hoping to turn that secondary from a weakness to a strength with CGJ and Arnold.

2:22 Browns: T'Vondre Sweat DL (Tex)

-A good athlete maybe overshadowed by his teammate and interior partner. He's not your pass pressuring DT but should be a solid run stuffer.

2:23 Phins: Maason Smith DL (LSU)

-A big big body hoping to replacement the big hole left by Wilikins in defending the run game

2:24 Cowboys: Braelon Allen RB (Wisconsin)

-Cowboys again with the steal getting my favorite RB of the class

2:25 Bucs: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. LB (Clemson)

-Love their LBs and need to replace that area of the defese

2:26 Packers Jordan Morgan OT (AZ)

-After addressing the secondary GB looks to bolster the OL to protect Love and all his young weapons

2:27 Texans: Malachi Corley WR (W. Kentucky)

-The weapons group is good but not great Texans should not be complacent that they had a good offense last year and feel as if they don't have to continue to grow their WR room with talent. I'm rally excited to see what this team can do despite pulling a stupid trade with the Vikings.

2:28 Bills: Max Melton CB (Rutgers)

-Their CBs are never ever healthy so they need the BPA at that position

2:29 Lions: Ruke Orhorhoro DL (Clemson)

-Screams Detroit Lion to me this guy was made for the trenches

2:30 Ravens: Cam Hart CB (ND)

-Other than Philly and Georgia there's not a better franchise x college pairing then Ravens and Notre Dame

2:31 49ers: Cooper Beebe G (K-St.)

-Niners next biggest need would most likely be guarding looking to protect CMC

2:32 Chiefs: Tip Reiman TE (IL)

-KC prepares for a future without Kelce. Reiman is a good prospect and I love two TE sets as you can tell by the Atlanta pick.

Rounds 3 & 4: