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Thunder Make Their Playoff Push!


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+2 players ($22.1m),
Cap Impact + $5.0M

+1  Wins

+24.82  MPG

-1.59  Off.

+3.73  Def.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

+1 player ($17.0m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.0M

-1  Wins

-24.82  MPG

+1.59  Off.

-3.73  Def.

Current the Thunder look like a top 5 team in the league imo. They have the 9th ranked offense and 7th ranked defense. I was adamant that they could have been a top 10 defense last year if they just had a rim protector and with Chet they do and lookie there…

The major thing that is stopping this team being a true contender is not star power. SGA is him and he has the help. But the team has no answer for elite bigs like Jokic, AD, Giannis, or Embiid as good as Chet is. Timelord fixes that problem. Elite helpside defender and extremely switchable on the perimeter. He is a better version of Jaylin Williams as well.

Thybulle is another elite defender but on the perimeter that will help Dort shut down elite guards they’ll face in the playoffs. They have enough offense in other places.

PG. Giddey


SF. Dort

PF. Timelord

C. Chet

  1. J Dub

  2. Wallace

  3. Kenrich

  4. Thybulle

  5. Joe

  6. Micic

  7. Jaylin Williams

  8. Dieng

  9. Wiggins