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2023-2024 Golden State Warriors Post-TradeDeadline and Playoffs preview

The Warriors are currently 10th seed in the West, 25-25, just came off the crazy game VS Phoenix, which the Chef cooked

Trade deadline:

Basically we just did 1 move, sending CoJo to Pacers for them to waive him, plus some cash in exchange for a 2024 srp. I like that tbh, save some tax payment, get a srp for this year where we can find the next 2nd round talent

But is that rlly the only move that we can do? Here it leads to 2 of the main problems imo that Warriors have now:

1. Depth

Unlike other teams, we actually are too deep. Especially on the wings. At SG/SF, Klay, Kuminga, Wiggs, Podz, GP2, Moody, Quinones, Santos. Out of all these guys. Kuminga is a must-play. Man has been our 3rd best player of the season. With the scoring developed, the size, the strength, the athleticism, and the defense, he just simply needs to play, 34 MPG at least pls

While for Wiggins, horrible 1st half of the season, but recently it seems like things are going well. Not like he's gone very efficient but Steve Kerr seems to hv found the new Death Lineup. Curry Podz Kuminga Wiggins Dray, these 5 tgt so far has been absolutely insane, and can expect that this will be ran more often. So I can comfortably say that Wiggins and Podz will get much mins

The other 3 is where the question is. Moses Moody, GP2 and Klay Thompson. Lets go 1 by 1. Klay Thompson, Kerr’s beloved player, Warriors legend but the falloff is crazy, he used to be one of the best 2-way wings in the league, and just fell off to a guy that worsens team’s defense. That’s just sad to see but it is the truth, there’s no more defense, shooting has dropped off, it’s damn near pure 3s and floaters at this point. Ideally, he should be near end of rotation to me but everyone knows this is not happening. He’s a must play for Kerr but desperately hoping he will play minimum mins

I’ll just talk a bit bout CP3 when im talkin bout Klay. CP3 rlly isnt a great fit with our core of Dray and Steph, but he ofc is a great great floor general. Therefore what im hoping is like my pre-season Warriors post, run 2 squads. Curry with Dray all the time, other times just hand it all to CP3 to do the work to run the team. Ofc when all 3 of them needs much mins they’ll need to play tgt but hopefully as little as possible. Klay can then stick with the 2nd unit more, as our 1st unit of the Death Lineup has been found, dont throw a Klay in there and worsen it, CP3 with Klay alongside should make more sense now

As for the other 2, Moses Moody and GP2, I think for defense, Kerr will make GP2 the preferred one. This is very very sad for Moody, cus i do believe that he deserves the chances and mins. That’s where the problem is, guys who deserves mins cannot even get what they deserve. Guess with GP2 getting the trust, Moody will not get regular mins, praying for Moody not to be mad and ask out, i still hv full faith that he will be useful for us one day

2 other guys who’re currently here are Quinones and Gui Santos, who both are great recently, contributing to the team. Quinones reminds fans of 21-22 Poole, with the shot making ability, dribbles, and all the other stuffs. Unfortunately dont think he will get the mins with so many guys in front of him, unless scoring is much-needed

For Gui, I actually can see him playing mins if he continues to play well, especially if he can shoot well. It rlly will remind me of OPJ, good rebounder, hustler, shooter, perfect role player for the team

See how packed our wings rotation is, and it’s not gd at all. Rlly was wishing one of them to go so that mins can be shared to those who deserves it, but no one is gone, so sacrifices will need to be made

2. Dominant big

Loon is previously our long time starting C, great great piece for us, contributed so much, the inside scoring, screen-setting, rebounding, especially offensive rebounding, fighting hard for every rebound. But, it just doesnt seem to fit anymore. Maybe its how the bigs evolve nowadays, much more bigs are very skilled, maybe its the Warriors tactic that affected him, idk i cant seem to find the reason, but he doesnt fit our squad already. Recent games Kerr had him playing less than 10, just shows that soon he will be given up

On the other hand, Dray has been killing it at C. Still questioning how he does it but he’s simply great at C since coming back. How he’s holding down guys centimeters taller than him has to be studied. I think Steve Kerr will trust him at C full time now that we’re so stacked at wings

But, i still dont believe that it will work against all teams. Guys like Jokic, AD, or the twin tower of KAT and Rudy in Minny, will get the better of him in some games imo, which is why i was hoping that we can trade some of our guys out for a tall, dominant, rim protecting big, to give us another option to defend those bigs if they found a way to score on Draymond’s defense, which we failed to do so. Tbh, there's rlly not anyone for cheap in the market, so i can understand why they failed this task

Transactions to make:


I trust Lester, he should be a rotational piece for us next season, at least on the 15-man roster. I see potential that he can become a great bench piece so pls sign him on those 4 years 8M contract, 2M per year. Just in case that he became real solid, we can have him for few more years for damn near minimum

2. Pick up another big wing or C in the FA market

Wings who can play PF probably is what we can use rn, Warriors rarely ran 2 bigs out there in Playoffs so another vet SF/PF should be useful for us. Immediately came into mind is OPJ. He has just been traded to a Utah team that probably isnt going for Playoffs this year. He might consider a buyout and Warriors rlly should be his top destination just to make the comeback. Warriors like to do such moves as well, like GP2 last year

Will be the dream to get OPJ back!

Expectations for the squad:

We’re 6-1 last 7, very gd to see that we been on fire lately, but, it will be a tough tough job catching up to the 2nd tier of the Western Conference, aka Pels, Kings and Mavs. They currently are bout 4-5 games ahead of us, but if we can continue this hot streak, dont be surprised that we can get past one of those teams

Best possible finish for us imo is 6th seed, cus Phoenix should get better with the recent Royce trade, and the top 4 are just in a fight by themselves.

Going into the playoffs, we should be guaranteed to play one of Denver, OKC, Minny and LAC. Out of all these 4, I think our best chance will be going up against Denver. Dray has proven that he can do quite a gd job defending Jokic in our championship year sweeping Denver, with Kuminga inserted into our starting lineup we should hv a better rebounder to battle with AG. Our battles with Denver this season has all been close, although 3 of them all ends up in Ls, 2 of them ended losing by 3 (ofc 1 with the Jokic half court shot…), and 3rd one only by 6. With the squad figuring things out, I like our chances beating them as a lower seed.

Playoffs is a completely different animal, especially us, being a lower seed never means that we're underdogs. If we can keep this hot streak going and gain momentum going into the Playoffs, without injuries? I think we still hv a gd chance to win the chip


remarks: Gui Santos is not on Grids