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Alex Sarr


HT/WT/WS6' 11", 224lbs

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Alex Sarr probably has the widest range of outcomes for any highly ranked prospect in this draft. I think there is a world where he is a glorified Kai Jones, but there is also a world where he is an All-NBA and DPOY caliber player. I think it’s more likely he ends up somewhere in between those two things, but there is still a lot of risk/upside that comes with drafting Sarr. He is a talented athlete, shot blocker, and finisher right now with flashes of creation and switchability. If a team is willing to be patient and work with him on his weaknesses (bad shooter, bad defender outside of the paint, bad rebounder), Sarr could easily be the best player in this draft.

Shades of — Evan Mobley, Nic Claxton, Kai Jones

Best team fits — Portland, Charlotte

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February write up: Absolutely incredible upside on both ends, a self creator and incredible lob threat on defense, and a versatile and athletic rim protector on defense. He’s a guy you have to take really high

Comp: Mobley/Claxton with a jumper?

April write up: Love his upside on both ends, feel good about his being a great defender pretty much immediately but I worry about his offense a bit with the lack of shooting and inconsistent creation, plus lack of strength. Still clearly number one and in a tier of his own. Feel great about him being a starter at the very worst, as a 2/3 option on a good team at his peak. No number ones in this class tho

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  • Basically 7'1.

  • Still very young, turned 19 late-April.

  • Presence in the paint. Pretty good shot blocker (1.5 BPG) and his length intimidates people driving to the basket, which forces bad shots or makes them reset. Him only averaging 1.4 fouls per game only sells me more on his shot-blocking ability and overall defense.

  • Decent finisher at the rim.

  • Agile and quick offensively; moves fluidly.

  • Doesn't show off his ball handle too much, but when he does it looks really solid! I'm fine with him bringing up the ball full court and isolating someone, he's shown this season that he can do that successfully without causing a turnover (most of the time). Nothing about his dribbling looks forced or awkward.

  • Only gets one turnover per game.



  • Although Sarr makes an impact on defense while under the rim, he doesn't actually put in too much effort in blocking shots or protecting the paint. Not to say he's lazy, but he can be a little uninspired at times and he doesn't actually try to do anything, his length just intimidates whoever is trying to score, making them, again, reset or chuck up a poor shot.

  • Wished he got to the basket more, I'm not completely sold on his finishing ability because of his lack of driving to the rim. I did say it was decent in the Likes section, and I stand by that, just not fully.

  • Sarr has some shooting upside. It's not often he does shoot the ball, but it's not because he's afraid to, more because he only wants to shoot it if it's a good enough look. His form looks nice and he looks confident when he gets the opportunity to put something up. What worries me about Sarr's shot is his splits. He's an okay 70% from the line, a little below the average for a center, and a pretty bad 27% from three. I think Sarr could develop a nice mid-range, he already shows that he has a clean fade-away in his bag which works fine, but I don't think he'll be that good from three. I feel like he could still hit a deep shot every once in a while, but I wouldn't get caught up with his long shot if I was you.

  • I like Sarr's speed, just not defensively. He can look pretty slow, mostly, if not all the time, when guarding the perimeter. His overall quickness is good though.

  • Doesn't actually rebound the ball often, but at least he kind of tries to. In almost every game of his he would box out, creating a chance for him or one of his teammates to get a board. He has upside as a rebounder of course, being seven feet, but him being willing to try to get a rebound helps me buy into his potential rebounding ability more. Only averaged 4.5 boards per game this season, noticeably below the average for a center.

  • I wish he was a little stronger with the ball in the post, but this is more of a nitpick than anything because he's in control of the ball most of the time when in the paint.

  • I don't like his off-ball movement. He really only moves around if he's running the PNR, and his PNR is so mediocre. He never fully commits to the cut, he kind of just stops mid-way when he could have a much better look at scoring if he fully went to the rim. He does make his own individual efforts at times, which is why this isn't a dislike and just a worry, but still not good enough.

  • Not a bad passer, he can have some nice looks, it's just that he doesn't pass the ball frequently. He could throw two good passes and then decide not to pass for the rest of the game, and the first half of his next game. Only averages 1 assist per game, below the average for a center. The potential is there, I'm just not sure if he's going to max it out.

  • Can get cold offensively... it's not uncommon for him to not do much in terms of scoring. For some reason Tasmania really highlights his offensive issues, every time he plays them it would seem like he just had a stinker.

  • Don't expect him to get any steals, averaged 0.4 per game this season. To be fair, all centers aren't expected to get many steals.

  • 50% from the field, which would be good for any other position, but for a center that's not really good (the average is 56%).

  • Has an on the dot assist/turnover ratio, 1:1.



  • Struggles to guard the perimeter. Can't keep up with his opponent's movements and often gets blown by or gives who he was guarding a shot opening. Not sure why Perth had him so up most of the time, it just made him look bad defensively.

  • Way below the average center weight, needs to put on some more muscle (216 right now). Don't see him get big-bodied, but that doesn't mean this still shouldn't be a huge worry, because he probably would get big-bodied in the league.

  • Mentioned it already but he's 27% from three.


    Player comp: Moves like Wemby, plays more like Chet. I haven't seen JJJ play enough to really say if that comp is reasonable.

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Almost positive he’ll be a very impactful defender from day 1. The offense is the determine factor on how high his ceiling is. Not great shooting numbers but has upside there and can create a little bit for himself. Very fluid athlete with a lot of explosiveness for his frame.

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Jack Anderson



Tier 1.

Alex Sarr - NBL Perth / France (PF/C - HT: 7’0” - WING: 7’5” - WT: 220 A: 18y)
- Elite defender on the perimeter and an elite help rim protector.
- Aggressive on the boards
- Can space the floor, especially from the corners, but his consistency is a work in progress
- Solid passer and can bring the ball up the floor and initiate the   offense, could unlock a LOT to his game if he gets more comfortable with the ball.
- Shades of Chet Holmgren, Vic with less wiggle, Evan Mobley with more offense and aggressiveness, Olivier Sarr but good (lol)
- Best fit: Portland, Charlotte, Washington
- Worst fit: San Antonio, Utah, Toronto

Range: 1 - 3

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Slam Dunk



Poste(s) : PF ou C

Âge : 19 ans

Taille : 2m13

Stats : 9.7pts, 4.4reb, 0.9ast, 0.5stl, 1.3blk

Adresse : 52%fg, 30%3pt, 71%tf

Sans doute la médiane la plus haute entre plancher et plafond, Sarr a fait l'étalage de tout son potentiel lors d'un match d'exhibition face aux jeunes cracks américains, comme Wemby avant lui. Très grand et long, il est déjà un énorme contreur et redoutable en trailer pour dunker. Depuis son éclosion sur la scène professionnelle, il a énormément progressé balle en main et notamment au niveau du tir extérieur. Moins extra-ordinaire que Gobert dans les mensurations, il est du moins plus mobile/technique que son aîné. Son avantage c'est d'être la valeur la plus sûre parmi les prospects qui trustent le 1st pick. Au minimum, il devrait être un défenseur d’élite intérieur-extérieur. Son expression corporelle rappelle Jaren Jackson Jr. Au mieux, j’ai envie de croire qu’il peut être encore meilleur défensivement, une sorte de mix entre Garnett et Howard... Son plafond en attaque est plus bas.

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Brett Bischel



Pts36:19.2 ↑
Reb36:9.0 ↑
Blk363.1 ↑
19.2 y/o
Height: 6'11.75" (w/o shoes)
Max Vertical Jump: 37.0"
3/4 Court Sprint: 3.27 sec (15th slowest 2024 Combine)
Born: Bordeaux, France
#3 NBL (Australian League) Blocks Per Game (2024)
Sarr Interview

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Overview: Alex Sarr is a 7-foot-1, 220-pound French forward who is widely considered the top prospect for the 2024 NBA Draft. Currently playing for the Perth Wildcats in the Australian NBL, Sarr has impressed scouts with his unique blend of size, athleticism, and skill. He projects as a versatile big man who can defend multiple positions, rebound, and contribute offensively both inside and out.


  • Elite size and athleticism: Sarr has a long wingspan and can move incredibly well for his size. He can block shots, run the floor, and finish above the rim with authority. 

  • Defensive versatility: Sarr can guard all five positions on the court. He is quick enough to stay with guards on the perimeter and strong enough to battle forwards and centers in the post.

  • Developing offensive skillset: Sarr is not just a rim-runner. He has a solid post-up game and can knock down mid-range jumpers. He is also improving his passing and ball-handling skills, which could make him a valuable weapon in the pick-and-roll.

  • High motor and work ethic: Sarr plays hard every possession and is always looking to improve. He has a strong desire to be great, which bodes well for his future success.


  • Lack of experience: Sarr is still only 18 years old and has limited experience playing against high-level competition. He will need to adjust to the physicality and pace of the NBA.

  • Shooting range: While Sarr can hit the mid-range jumper, he is not yet a consistent three-point threat. Developing a reliable shot from beyond the arc would make him even more dangerous.

  • Offensive decision-making: Sarr can sometimes be a bit raw on the offensive end. He can force passes and try to do too much at times. He needs to improve his shot selection and develop his playmaking skills.

Overall: Alex Sarr is a potential franchise-altering talent with the tools to be a dominant force in the NBA. He has all the physical gifts and the work ethic to succeed at the highest level. However, he is still a raw prospect who needs time and development. The team that drafts him will need to be patient and allow him to grow into his potential.

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Alison Ricardo Becker



Crowmell select

Não existe muito mistério aqui, melhor jogador da classe

Comparação: Jaren Jackson, Mobley, Claxton

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