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Alex Sarr


HT/WT/WS7' 1", 217lbs

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• Very unique blend of speed, length, and athleticism

• Elite shot blocker, uses his combination of athleticism and length very well and his timing is good

• Really good at switching out to the perimeter when needed, he is quick enough to cover smaller players and long enough to contain bigger players

• Good in transition, he is fast enough to run with quicker guards and is good at finishing plays at high speeds

• Elite lob threat, he has a large catch radius and can get in the air very quickly

• Tons of upside as a creator, he is a comfortable ball handler and is very capable of creating for himself


• Really not a good decision maker, he has a hard time processing what’s happening quick enough to react properly

• Not a good rebounder for his height, he doesn’t put in a ton of effort into getting rebounds

• He relies very heavily on his perimeter creation skills, and while the flashes are there, he is inconsistent at providing good results

• Not a good playmaker, the decision making I mentioned earlier attributed to this, but he also just flat out doesn’t see his open teammates sometimes


• Alex Sarr is raw in a lot of areas, but he has more upside than anyone else in this draft class

• A lot of this upside is on the defensive end, he could be a yearly DPOY candidate and one of the most versatile 7 foot defenders ever

• His offense has a long ways to go in a lot of areas, but his creation upside is very intriguing

• You can definitely make good arguments for other prospects to be higher than him, but there isn’t a super good reason for him to be outside the top 3-5 at this point

Shades of: Kevin Garnett, Johnathan Issac, Jaren Jackson Jr, Nic Claxton

Analysis done by @CouchScout. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Absolutely incredible upside on both ends, a self creator and incredible lob threat on defense, and a versatile and athletic rim protector on defense. He’s a guy you have to take really high

Comp: Mobley/Claxton with a jumper?

Analysis done by @jbb. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Analysis done by @gentofxtc. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Almost positive he’ll be a very impactful defender from day 1. The offense is the determine factor on how high his ceiling is.

Analysis done by @UNCjockstrap. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Jack Anderson



Tier 1.

Alex Sarr - NBL Perth / France (PF/C - HT: 7’0” - WING: 7’5” - WT: 220 A: 18y)
- Elite defender on the perimeter and an elite help rim protector.
- Aggressive on the boards
- Can space the floor, especially from the corners, but his consistency is a work in progress
- Solid passer and can bring the ball up the floor and initiate the   offense, could unlock a LOT to his game if he gets more comfortable with the ball.
- Shades of Chet Holmgren, Vic with less wiggle, Evan Mobley with more offense and aggressiveness, Olivier Sarr but good (lol)
- Best fit: Portland, Charlotte, Washington
- Worst fit: San Antonio, Utah, Toronto

Range: 1 - 3

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Dave Tippit



Tier 1 - Ceiling:

All-Star, All NBA Defensive Team



Draft Day Age




Avg ranking (top 6 NBA draft sites) 2.0

My Jan Ranking 5

Best Case - Shades of/

Evan Mobley

Jaren Jackson Jr.

Chris Bosh


18.8 MPG

9.8 PPG

55.8 TS% on 7.6 FGA

28.3 3PT% on 2.5 FGA

63.0 FT% on 2.6 FTA

13.5 TRB%

9.1 AST%

1.2 STL%

6.5 BLK%

11.1 TO%

21.9 USG%

112.9 ORTG

107.4 DRTG

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Overview: Alex Sarr is a 7-foot-1, 220-pound French forward who is widely considered the top prospect for the 2024 NBA Draft. Currently playing for the Perth Wildcats in the Australian NBL, Sarr has impressed scouts with his unique blend of size, athleticism, and skill. He projects as a versatile big man who can defend multiple positions, rebound, and contribute offensively both inside and out.


  • Elite size and athleticism: Sarr has a long wingspan and can move incredibly well for his size. He can block shots, run the floor, and finish above the rim with authority. 

  • Defensive versatility: Sarr can guard all five positions on the court. He is quick enough to stay with guards on the perimeter and strong enough to battle forwards and centers in the post.

  • Developing offensive skillset: Sarr is not just a rim-runner. He has a solid post-up game and can knock down mid-range jumpers. He is also improving his passing and ball-handling skills, which could make him a valuable weapon in the pick-and-roll.

  • High motor and work ethic: Sarr plays hard every possession and is always looking to improve. He has a strong desire to be great, which bodes well for his future success.


  • Lack of experience: Sarr is still only 18 years old and has limited experience playing against high-level competition. He will need to adjust to the physicality and pace of the NBA.

  • Shooting range: While Sarr can hit the mid-range jumper, he is not yet a consistent three-point threat. Developing a reliable shot from beyond the arc would make him even more dangerous.

  • Offensive decision-making: Sarr can sometimes be a bit raw on the offensive end. He can force passes and try to do too much at times. He needs to improve his shot selection and develop his playmaking skills.

Overall: Alex Sarr is a potential franchise-altering talent with the tools to be a dominant force in the NBA. He has all the physical gifts and the work ethic to succeed at the highest level. However, he is still a raw prospect who needs time and development. The team that drafts him will need to be patient and allow him to grow into his potential.

Analysis done by @SixersinCharge. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
John Pikiell



Stud. Elite athletic rim running big that's an excellent shot blocker. Good touch around the basket, and a solid catch and shoot guy behind the arc. Extremely safe pick, only downside is that it is tough to see him as a number option for creation on offense. Jaren Jackson Jr. Can't miss foundational piece.

Analysis done by @jpikiell7. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Kaelen Sywyk



Alex Sarr or Alexandre Sarr is the consensus Number 1 player in the 2024 NBA draft.

Sarr has solidified his status as the best player in the draft with his good play this season for the Perth Wildcats of the NBL, despite his inconsistent playing time.

The french 7-footer is the brother of Current NBA/G-league player, Olivier Sarr.

Bio: 7 foot 1: 217 pounds: 18 years old (05): Power Forward / Center

Strengths: Lob Threat/Rim runner: Rim Protection: Great Perimeter Defense for a 7 footer: Switchable Big Man: Has Bounce: Solid Rebounder: Shot is coming along

Weaknesses: Not a consistent Jump Shooter: Thin Frame (gets pushed around): Averages more turnovers than assists: Occasionally gets bullied under the basket: Efficiency

Final Summary: Sarr's Strengths far outweigh his weaknesses, his weaknesses all can be worked on and dealt with as he joins an NBA team so there is no need to be too concerned with his thin frame, his shot and his efficiency. In my opinion Sarr has the highest celing out of anyone in this draft class. His defense is his calling card although he is thin he still makes a huge impact on the defensive end of the floor, sky's the limit. His offensive game is still coming along but there are no huge concerns that should deter NBA scouts away from Sarr.

Analysis done by @kaelensywyk4310. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Thomas Hielkema



Defense, Defense, Defense.

He is a unique-er defender where he has the height to guard 5's but is a little smaller in frame to guard the bruising centers like Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic, and it would be interesting to see him against like a Sabonis or a Bam to see how he does there.

He is perfectly suited to guard the bigs like Porzingis, KAT, and Goebert, but everyone can guard Gobert. He should also be built to guard the Wemby and Chet type builds.

I think he does have some lateral quickness to guard some bigger wings, but that just might come with more developmental time.

Offensively he is in the unicorn mold where he posseses a lot of guard ability and can stretch the floor a bit. As of now, you aren't drafting him for his offensive production, and I think his ceiling is a ~20 ppg scorer, but if you get that with his DPOY potential, he's well worth the 1st pick.

Ceiling: Rudy Gobert with an offensive bag Floor: 7'1" 2020-21 Chris Boucher

Ideal Fits:

  1. Washington Wizards

  2. Detroit Pistons

  3. Portland Trail Blazers

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