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Donovan Clingan


HT/WT/WS7' 1", 282lbs









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• Great size

• Good rim protector

• Solid passer for a big man

• Efficient scorer

• Great rebounder on both ends of the court


• Not a switchable defender

• Not a good shooter right now


will add scouting report soon

Shades of: Jakob Poeltl, Jonas Valanchunas

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May: pretty straightforward prospect, on offense he’s a very good passer and has an exceptional ast/to, great post presence. Also an incredible smart short roll guy. On defense he’s kind of mobile but not great, think vucevic/valanciunas. Rim protection is pretty insane tho. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a starter in the nba. Top 5 guy in this weak draft for sure

January:Clingan’s a pretty classic high floor low ceiling big man, he’s a great rim protector and a decent vertical threat but lacks any type of creation or versatility on either end. He should be really solid in the nba for a long time, and I’d be very surprised if he isn’t, but I’d also be very surprised if he becomes a star or anything

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Some of the film I watched on Clingan wasn't the best, so I might be off on a couple of things with this report. You know more than me probably, so I'd recommend finding out your own stuff about Clingan and making your personal opinion on him before reading this.



  • Good rebounder. I personally think he strives as an offensive rebounder more than a defensive one, and the stats kind of agree with me with him averaging around the average defensive rebounds for centers (4.9), while exceeding the average offensively (2.5). Clingan is too tall and too strong for someone else to get a board against him. Fights for the ball, often playing through contact to end up with possession.

    • More specifically as to how "strong and tall" Clingan is, he measures at around 7'2 and 280 pounds. He's a big guy. His length makes him a lob threat, just throw it up to him in the paint and let him work. He's going to be able to hold his own on the post, off the ball or with the ball...

    • ... he's already shown he can do both. Offensively, he's really hard to guard under the basket. He's a great finisher, he gets a ton of tough takes and manages to score through heavy physicality. He often got double-teamed and even triple-teamed and still found a way to put the ball in. He has a solid floater and hook game that compliments his super simple, but effective, lay-up package. And defensively...

    • ... he's a presence near the rim. His frame, especially his length, makes it so that he can disrupt and contests shots well. He's a blocking machine, even though it might not really seem like it on film; he's getting 2.5 blocks per game. He provides fine help defense and he's tough to score on.

    • He's a great PNR player. Always seemed to convert when running said action, he's extremely tough to stop when driving to the basket.

    • Overall, a pretty efficient player. 64% from the field and has good efficiency splits as a scorer and shooter.

    • Still fairly young, he's not turning 21 until next year.

    • Made a jump from his freshman year, playing a lot better and doing much more with heavier usage.

    • Doesn't get many turnovers, only 0.8. This helps him have a great assist/turnover ratio; 1.9. Although this is impressive, it's a little boosted because he doesn't pass the ball much (I'll talk about this soon), but it shouldn't really put this stat line down, as it's still noteworthy.

    • Huge part of UConn's championship winning team, not afraid of the big stage or the bright lights. He should be more ready to play than other prospects.



    • Like I said above, Clingan doesn't pass the ball a lot. Not to say he's a bad passer, he actually shows he can find cutters well and at the very least have nice kick-outs, but it's just not often he does those things. It's rare for him to pass the ball, even though seems capable of doing so. Only averaged 1.5 assists per game, around the average for centers.

    • Not sure how much I like his off-ball movement. He really only moves off the ball if he's running the PNR (which he's great at, like I mentioned already). He may have an individual cut in a game, but it's not frequently that he does. Sometimes he just doesn't move off the ball the entire game, not because he stands still on the perimeter or something, but because he doesn't run the PNR action and just stays in the post for most of the match (which seems to work well). If his PNR is good enough to account for his off-ball movement, and if he doesn't need to move around because he's just so dominant in the paint and he just needs to find his positioning there, then I guess I can't complain too much.

    • His mobility is super confusing to me. He moves really stiff and super slow, but at the same time, he's fast enough to keep up with his opponents and not get blown by. Looks are deceiving, or he really might just be slow. It's not often he shows off his agility either, so it makes it even harder to grasp how fluid his movements actually are. Something that brings up even more questions to me is that he had a right foot injury this season which sidelined him for a couple of weeks. Will this affect his movement in the league?

    • Might be more of a minor thing, but although I think Clingan's PNR game is great, his spacing can be a little weird at times being too close to the passer(?, don't know the actual term).

    • His screens are kind of ehh. He really borders the line between a good screen and a moving screen almost every game. Doesn't seem to fully commit a lot.

    • Don't mind him guarding the perimeter, he can actually hold his own fine. That doesn't mean I want him playing defense so high up though, I still want him to stay near the paint at all times.

    • Would be nice if he lowered his fouls, averaging 2.0 per game. One of his smaller issues though.



    • Doesn't have a jumper and I don't expect him to gain one anytime soon. Has a bad FT percentage at 58% and an equally bad 3PT percentage at 25%.

    • Not a good ball handler. It's not often he does something with the ball if he's not initiating the PNR action. The only time I saw him dribble to create for himself he lost control of the ball and almost caused a turnover.

    • Doesn't seem to be an athletic guy. He's not explosive, don't expect him to barrel to the rim and smash the ball in, or to catch a lob super high and slam it into the basket. He's not going to jump out of the arena, and he's not going to be speeding through everyone else and showing off some crazy quickness... he's just kind of average. Although a dislike of his, it's not a huge one. He's molded his game to be great without having to do anything crazy physical, and if it works it works.


    I didn't really know what to expect from Clingan, but I actually really like him. I think he's a dominant player and could be useful to a team in the NBA. Not sure if he's number 1 potential, but I guess I wouldn't be opposed to it with how all over the place this draft class is. Again, the film I watched on him wasn't great, so I would recommend you do your own research on Clingan and see what you think about him.

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Donovan Clingan

The built 7ft 2 national champion is not your average oversized big who’s dominant in college but doesn’t fit the mold for an NBA center. Clingan is a stout defender with a 7ft 7 wingspan. Players are scared to shoot when he’s near them. His impact is beyond blocks and contests because he regularly forces offensive players to kick out once they’ve received the ball close to the basket. The main reason for this is his anticipation. He sees the driver or cutter so early that they don’t even get a chance to shoot. Obviously players won’t be as hesitant to shoot over him in the league, but his length, awareness, and anticipation should make him a good shot blocker at the next level. His athleticism and mobility make me question just how good of a shot blocker he will be, and this also hurts him outside the paint. He isn’t versatile at all he struggles to even guard 4’s on the perimeter. I think if he plays a strictly rim protecting role however, he could be very impactful. I think he could be an average offensive player. He’s a complete non-shooter and he isn’t athletic enough to be a great lob threat, but his effort on the glass and passing vision gives him a role to play in the offense. Hes going to play a similar role in the nba as he does at UConn. Grab a lot of offensive rebounds, he’s one of the best in the country at that. Lots of dribble handoffs, an easy counter to him being a non-shooter. He’s also a good passer, he regularly finds cutters and delivers these passes on time and with accuracy. He is also a good outlet passer. I don’t think he’ll ever be good enough to the point where he’s getting designed plays for him in the post. He lacks touch and doesn’t have a deep bag of post moves. I think his offensive game will be playmaking center who scores the glass.

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Jack Anderson



Donovan Clingan - UConn (C - HT: 7’2” - WING: 7’7” - WT: 260 - A: 20y)

- A classic center
- Top shelf drop defense, rim rolls, good post offense, and rebounds on both ends
- Good screener
- Soft touch
- Really good passer, could be a hub.
- Not going to be a switchable defender, he’s just too big and heavy
- Doesn’t have a 3pt shot yet but his touch and jumper look solid - this could elevate him to the next level
- Floor is a decent traditional center, upside is a really good one
- Multiple foot injuries this year, concerning for a guy with his size
- Shades of Walker Kessler, Brook Lopez if his shot comes around, Mark Williams, reminds me almost of Steven Adams with his backdoor passing
- Best fits: OKC, DEN, SAC, HOU, GSW

Range: 6 - 15

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Slam Dunk



Poste(s) : C

Âge : 20 ans

Taille : 2m18

Stats : 12.7pts, 7.2reb, 1.6ast, 0.5stl, 2.2blk

Adresse : 64%fg, 33%3pt, 57%ft

2m18 pour 120kg, on a là un pivot format montagne. Clingan a de bonnes mains près du cercle, passeur intelligent au-dessus de ses "petits" adversaires, il ne lui manque finalement qu'un tir (quelque soit la distance d'ailleurs), or vu les deux dernières saisons NCAA du bonhomme, ça n'a pas l'air d'en prendre le chemin... Qu’à cela ne tienne, il est en revanche un gardien du panier garanti pour la franchise qui le draftera. Même si les extérieurs NBA devraient se régaler lors des switches sur pick-and-roll ! Il a montré des aptitudes pour défendre au large, mais évidemment jamais encore affronté des équipes calibrées NBA. Certains l’imaginent dans un rôle bien précis (à la Rudy Gobert ?) comme unique non-shooteur dans un cinq de départ, tandis que d’autres ne le voient pas devenir titulaire à cause des lacunes évoquées plus haut. Alors, faille trop limitante ou lui trouvera-t-on un partenaire complémentaire au poste 4 afin de profiter de son imposante présence dans la raquette ?

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Brett Bischel



Pts36:20.8 ↑
Reb36:11.8 ↑
Blk363.9 ↑
FG%:63.9 ↑
FT%:58.3 ↓
PER:34.8 ↑
Orat:135.3 ↑
Drat:89.4 ↑
BPM:15.0 ↑
20.3 y/o
Height: 7'1.25" (w/o shoes)
Max Vertical Jump: 29.0" (3rd lowest 2024 Combine)
3/4 Court Sprint: 3.46" (slowest 2024 Combine)
2× NCAA champion (2023, 2024)
#2 NCAA PER (2024)
#2 NCAA BPM (2024)
#3 NCAA Offensive Rating (2024)
#8 NCAA Blocks Per Game (2024)
#8 NCAA FG% (2024)
#9 NCAA Defensive Rating (2024)
Clingan Interview

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Alison Ricardo Becker



Ícaro select

Jogador sólido, chega praticamente pronto pra liga e já deve contribuir no 1 ano. Futuro dono da posição caso tudo saia como esperado

Comparação: Mark Williams,Poetl.

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John Pikiell



Stud moves well. Nice in the pick and roll and out of the post super polished. Good rim protector and decent athleticism. Can't really stretch the floor much and isn't a good free throw shooter. A little soft. Shades of Jakob Poeltl. Lower on him than consensus.

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Thomas Hielkema



Clingan is a defender. Comparing him to Alex Sarr who is another talented defender, Clingan is much better in the post compared to Sarr, but Sarr is better on the perimeter. Not to say Clingan can't guard perimeter players, you just don't want him to continuously. Clingan was one of few players to be able to take Zach Edey 1 on 1 last year, and while Edey was still productive, no one else can really say they were as good on Edey as Clingan was.

Offensively his bag needs some work, and he will not be a go to scorer for any team for the first couple years of his career. I think there is some groundwork laid that he can build off of, but it will take time.

Ceiling: Dikembe Mutombo Floor: Walker Kessler Comparison: Mark Eaton

Ideal Fits:

  1. Washington Wizards

  2. Charlotte Hornets

  3. Memphis Grizzlies

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