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Rob Dillingham


HT/WT/WS6' 2", 159lbs









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• Has an elite combination of speed and athleticism

• Great ball handler, he is crafty and is great at losing defenders with quick dribble moves

• Great playmaker, he has good court vision and is very capable of executing on plays at high speeds

• One of the best shot makers in this draft class, there is no limit to where he can score from

• Puts in a ton of effort on both ends of the court


• Has a less than ideal frame for an NBA player, 6’2 on a good day with not a lot of strength

• On-ball defense is bad, he gets pushed around easily and is a mismatch target


• Rob Dillingham is one of the best offensive players in this draft class, his combination of speed, ball handling ability, and shot making ability make him a deadly scoring threat every single night

• He has a lower floor due to his size, he will struggle defensively and could end up being reduced to a backup role if he isn’t elite offensively

• While he does have a lower floor, his ceiling is sky high. He could be a guy sort of like Tyrese Maxey in the NBA (scoring a ton of points and being a good passer)

Shades of: Tyrese Maxey, Anferne Simons, Immanuel Quickley

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May: there’s 3 scenarios with Rob dillingham: Garland/Macey, Lou Williams, or Bones Hyland. He’s a really small guar that plays terrible defense, but he might be so good on offense to compensate for it so much to be a star, or be unstartable in the playoffs and fill in as a Lou will type. I feel pretty good that hes gonna be too talented to be a bones Hyland, but I think it’s most likely he’s a strong sixth man like Lou williams. I’ll have him around 10. Although I think with his intangibles and raw skill he’s got a good chance to be a star

December: OFFENSE

  • Very good ball handler in transition, gets up the court with tons of speed and makes good reads

  • Confident shooting threes in transition, form looks good and he’s very efficient

  • Pretty quick first step

  • Reads the floor very quickly and well, always looks for a great pass

  • Has a lot of pass versatility, he finds the right way to deliver a pass.

  • Great at attacking the basket once he has momentum, crafty around the rim and hard to stop

  • Very good hesitation, leads to a lot of drives. can shoot off of it too

  • Seems like he’s at his best whenever he can reset the offense and get into either an iso or pick and roll


  • Very skinny and small for a guard

  • Doesn’t have good balance, gets thrown off by change of direction easily

  • Gets thrown off by contact really easily, cannot handle guarding even big guards

  • active but not impactful off ball


  • I really like a lot of things Rob Dillingham does, but no matter how much anyone likes him, there’s one major flaw that should keep people from ranking him too high. He’s very small and skinny and it affects many parts of his game. He struggles on defense, despite his steal numbers looking pretty good. He cannot guard big guards, much less forwards. He also doesn’t have very good balance, he struggles to absorb contact and instead just gets completely thrown off by it. This affects him on both ends, where on defense it leaves him out of position when guarding screens or going for a rebound, and on offense he can occasionally struggle to finish at the rim through contact. This is the main reason why I don’t have him ranked as high as many. However, there’s a lot to like about Dillingham’s game

  • He’s a very good passer, he has lots of passing versatility and has exceptional vision. He’s also extremely fast with the ball in his hands, which makes him an outstanding ball handler in transition. Hes also a very good shooter. While his free throw numbers are just ok (76%) his three point percentage is incredible, at 44.7%. He takes shots off the bounce, off catch and shoot, and off movement. He’s a diverse shooter and takes tough shots.

  • With all this being said, there’s good reason to believe that he’s going to be a good NBA player, from his speed to his passing, but small guards usually have it rough in the NBA. Dillingham will be a controversial player for people to place, and I’ll have him just outside my lottery

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Everything you can ask for out of a skinny small guard. I think he’ll be a liability on defense but his offensive scoring punch and playmaking give him a high ceiling.

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Robert Dillingham


I am torn between Rob and Reed Sheppard should we get Toronto's pick to convey. Issue is he is only 6'2-6'3 and an average defender at college level. He has quickness, probably best handles and speed shifts in the draft, nice passing, and a good 3 pt shooter. Better off catch and shoot than dribble pull ups on threes. He kind of scares me. At worst, he is gonna be a guy that can get you buckets but hurt the team defensively. But If he develops properly, he could be the best pure scorer in this draft.

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Jack Anderson



Rob Dillingham - Kentucky (PG - HT: 6’2” - WING: 6’2” - WT: 175 - A:)

- Small and super quick score-first PG. Tremendous scoring upside
- Great pull up game, his step back 3s are smooth
- So quick and shifty that he can get to the rim with ease and he finishes/draws contact well
- Good passer too, reads the floor well even at high speed
- He’s *so* small especially taking his short wingspan into account. Could really limit his upside/draft stock. That being said. Some of the best guard scorers have similar measurements, like Dame, Steph, Garland, Trae, Brunson…
- Not a good defender.  Quick feet and hands, but he’s always going to be really small and he’ll be hunted on D. Def not FVV/Jose Alvarado
- Shades of Malik Monk, Darius Garland, Payton Pritchard, Tyrese Maxey

Range: 3-10

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Slam Dunk



Poste(s) : PG

Âge : 19 ans

Taille : 1m85

Stats : 15.2pts, 2.9reb, 3.9ast, 1.0stl, 0.1blk

Adresse : 47%fg, 44%3pt, 79%ft

Meneur électrique à la Ja Morant en moins talentueux et aérien, Dillingham se distingue par sa créativité offensive, usant de mouvements vifs pour se frayer un chemin sur le parquet. Son adresse extérieure est excellente, surtout lorsqu'il est utilisé dans des systèmes avec un big. Il a montré de beaux progrès à la passe, facilitant davantage le jeu tout au long de la saison. Sur le plan défensif, il fait des efforts, mais son gabarit (1m85 tout mouillé) est un handicap évident, et il obligera son coach à faire preuve d'ingéniosité pour le « cacher ». Une franchise triste en manque d'amour pourrait être séduite par le facteur spectacle chez lui.

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Overview: Robert Dillingham is a 6'2", 175-pound point guard from the Kentucky Wildcats who burst onto the scene this season, emerging as a potential top-10 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. His electrifying speed, scoring prowess, and playmaking ability have drawn comparisons to Ja Morant and Darius Garland, making him a highly coveted prospect for teams seeking an explosive floor general. Strengths:

  • Electric scorer: Dillingham is a walking bucket with an array of offensive weapons. He can attack the rim with blazing speed and finish through contact with impressive body control. He also boasts a deadly pull-up jumper from mid-range and beyond the arc, making him a nightmare to defend one-on-one. 

  • Exceptional athlete: Dillingham's explosiveness is one of his defining traits. He possesses elite quickness, leaping ability, and overall athleticism that allows him to blow by defenders, finish above the rim, and disrupt passing lanes on defense.

  • Solid playmaker: While his scoring is his calling card, Dillingham is also a capable playmaker. He can find open teammates with creative passes, especially in transition, and demonstrates good court vision for his age.

  • Competitive spirit: Dillingham plays with a contagious energy and intensity. He has a strong will to win and thrives in pressure situations. This leadership quality could make him a valuable asset in any locker room. Weaknesses:

  • Size and strength: At 6'2" and 175 pounds, Dillingham is one of the smaller point guards in the draft. This could cause him struggles against bigger and stronger defenders in the NBA, especially when trying to finish at the rim or defend larger guards.

  • Three-point consistency: While Dillingham can hit threes, his consistency from beyond the arc needs improvement. He sometimes forces contested shots or relies on his athleticism and mid-range game too much.

  • Defensive consistency: Although his quickness translates well to defense, Dillingham can be overly reliant on his athleticism and gamble for steals, leaving him vulnerable to blow-bys and screens. Improving his defensive fundamentals and focus will be crucial in the NBA. Overall: Robert Dillingham is a potential franchise-altering talent with the offensive firepower to light up the NBA. His dynamic scoring, playmaking ability, and competitive spirit make him a truly exciting prospect. However, his size and defensive consistency need refinement to reach his full potential. The team that drafts him will be getting a high-energy, high-reward talent who could become a star in the league for years to come. Additional Notes:

  • Dillingham's rapid rise this season has caught the attention of NBA scouts, propelling him from a promising recruit to a potential top-10 pick.

  • Some scouts compare him to Ja Morant due to his athleticism, scoring prowess, and leadership, while others see him as a more consistent shooter than Morant was coming out of college.

  • His fit will depend on the team's needs and roster construction. He could be a perfect fit for a team seeking a dynamic lead scorer and floor general, but teams with existing point guards might look elsewhere. Overall, Robert Dillingham is a player to watch closely in the lead-up to the 2024 NBA Draft. He has the talent and potential to make a significant impact on the league for years to come.

Analysis done by @SixersinCharge. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
John Pikiell



Stud. Combo guard that is kind of in between a pg and sg. Flame thrower ready to happen that's knockdown catch and shoot and off the dribble. Pretty good vision and getting to the rim. Only knock is defensively and finishing with his left. Wish he was a little bit taller. Shades of Maxey

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Kaelen Sywyk



Rob Dillingham or Robert Dillingham is an electric scorer and one of the most fun to watch players in all of College Basketball.

Rob Dillingham is making a strong case for the best freshman in all of college basketball, competing against his own teammate Reed Sheppard for that honor.

Bio: 6 foot 1: 170 pounds: 19 years old (05): Point Guard / Shooting Guard

Strengths: Electric scorer: Shifty: Super fast: Good shooter: Good passer

Weaknesses: Can be careless at times: Unstructured playstyle: Not great on the defensive end: Takes the occasional unauthorized shot: Small frame

FINAL SUMMARY: Rob Dillingham is absolutely electric, his ability to score off the dribble, catch and shoot, and distribute the ball is amazing. He just creates offense every time he gets the ball. Rob is so fun to watch on offense which makes this current kentucky team also so fun to watch. Sadly he does still have some limitation. First there's the question about his size, how will he shape up against NBA defenses and how will he match up against other NBA point guards. His defense is sub optimal he can at times be lazy on that end of the floor but recently his defensive play has improved. Due to his size, again there are concerns about his defense going up against other NBA players. I see rob listed as 6 foot 3 on some websites but believe me he is not 6 foot 3, I believe he is 6 foot 1 with shoes on and when he is measured at the combine his measurements could hurt his stock. Ultimately what I am betting on and what most NBA team are betting on is his phenomenal scoring ability and speed. That is why I have him top 10 in my big board right now.

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Terrific Ball Handler

Great Playmaker

Good Shooter

Great Finisher:


Very small

Poor off-ball

Below-average defender

Player Comparison: Tyrese Maxey

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