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Scoot Henderson


HT/WT/WS6' 2", 195lbs

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Leif Thulin



Overview: Scoot Henderson has a unique blend of speed and power that he uses to create for himself and others when going to the rim. His burst is top notch, and he has honed his craft in the past two seasons in the G league. Henderson may not be the most popular archetype of player right now as a not very tall ball dominant guard, but he is the closest thing to prime Derrick Rose that we have seen. He explodes to the rim, can hit shots from the midrange and is improving from deep, and against grown men averaged over 6 assists per game capitalising on his speed and attention the defense must pay him. Henderson has enormous hands that allow him to contort in the air and finish in many ways as well as zip passes out with either hand. He can improve in time as a true pick and roll orchestrator with a good roll man but his ability to bend the defense with his speed and relentless rim attacks and similarly to Ja Morant or prime Rose, I think his speed will provide him a cushion to have more space and Scoot could become a good shooter that punishes defenders for going under screens against him. Henderson is a can’t miss prospect I believe is the 2nd best in the class and will be a hot commodity to trade up to get as the Hornets and Blazers explore the trade market. Henderson could easily become a franchise player for a team. I believe he is being underrated at this point in time.

Strengths: Explosive athlete with the ball. Impressive handles getting where he wants vs pros. Switches up speeds nicely to truly show the wild burst Aggressive downhill but plays under control Wise beyond his years Enormous hands. Knows how to run and score pro style pick and roll 45% on pull up jumpers in 21-22 as an 18 year old. Many games with over 10 assists.

Weaknesses: Must improve his shot. 33% off the catch. Only 58% at the rim. Floater can improve. Can rely on mid range pull ups too heavily. Can become faster making passing reads. Swing Skills: Should Scoot Henderson get handed the reins to a team, I think he is entirely good enough to be a franchise player of the ilk of Ja Morant but with more individual scoring skill entering the NBA at a younger age. I expect a team with Scoot running the show would play fast and with space and he could average 26 and 7 easily in time. He must refine his shot chart and work on developing a floater to counter defences he will see. If he can get a reliable floater and a 3 to hit when players go under the screen, Scoot will command so much attention and distribute to teammates, he will be an all nba offensive player. His height isn’t great for defense but the wingspan and strength makes me optimistic he can be a two way superstar. All NBA upside.

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1# Kid Rock Fan



Who names there kid fucking scoot, I don’t care if it’s a nickname it’s sounds fucking stupid, anyways, clearly he is good, amazing handles, but the nickname or actual name is concerning.

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string proofs




  • fast

  • one of the most jacked 19 y.o. prospects I've seen,

  • complicated scoring bag

  • decent passing, elite but not super elite (1.9 Assist/TO ratio)


  • a point guard that isn't a proven scorer (47% from 2)

  • shot <30% from 3 across 2 seasons

  • shot ~42% from midrange in 22-23

NOTE: Henderson played like a monster in Nov-Dec 2022, but he had horrible shooting splits in 2023.

Analysis done by @bigtiddygothchi. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Tier: #1 Caliber

Player Comparisons: Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose

Scoot Henderson is arguably the best guard prospect of the past decade. If Scoot Henderson was in a draft that didn't contain a generational prospect, he'd be far and away the consensus #1 overall pick. However, thanks to Victor Webanyama, Scoot Henderson gets to be perhaps the greatest consolation prize of all time. No team can be mad about adding a guy like Henderson to their team. He's explosive and extremely fast and flashy. He's a great athlete who's got elite driving ability like prime Russell Westbrook or MVP Derrick Rose. However, one of his very few weaknesses is his 3-point shot as he shot 17% from 3 last season with the G-League Ignite.

Analysis done by @MohidHassan. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Bio: G League Ignite, February 3, 2004 (19), 6’2”, 196 lb, Combo Guard



  • Athleticism

  • Off the dribble burst

  • Change of pace

  • Scoring

  • Passing


  • Decision Making

  • Shooting consistency (doesn’t have bad mechanics)

  • Somewhat turnover prone


Scoot is an amazing point guard prospect that has potential to be quite special. His athleticism and explosion pop off the screen immediately. He will fit right in with the Jas, Jadens, and the Shaedons of the NBA. When he decides to go downhill, good luck stopping him. If he can iron out his shooting, decision making, and consistency problems, he can become an all star.

Shades of: Prime John Wall

Analysis done by @jryte. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Brett Bischel



-----Age:19.4 / Fr
Pts:16.5 ↑
Ast:6.5 ↑
TO:3.5 ↓
PF:3.3 ↓
PER:13.5 ↓
3pt:27.5% ↓
2pt:46.5% ↓
  • The NBA G League is the NBA's minor league basketball organization.

  • #11 G-League Assists Leader

  • Ranked 425 out of 464 total players Defense rating in G League (122.0) (2022-23) ↓↓

  • Only shot 40% as the PnR ball handler.

  • Bottom 16 percentile at finishing at the rim. Missed 6 of 22 dunk attempts.

  • Henderson's G League Ingnite team won 11 and lost 21 (0.344) in the 2022-23 season.

  • Henderson did not return for the remainder of the season after a nasal fracture and concussion.

  • Did not participate in pre-draft NBA combine.

  • * Worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Raw Hoops



19.4 year-old 6'2 PG. Offensive initiator. With unreal burst and explosiveness, Scoot can do it all offensively, scoring at all 3 levels and setting his teammates up with his passing. He would go first overall in most other drafts. Outside of some question marks around his shot, Scoot is an incredibly well-rounded prospect that has clear potential to be a franchise point guard.


++++First Step







--Shot IQ

-Defensive IQ

-Decision Making


Shades of:

Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose

Ceiling: Hall of Fame, 2-Way Sharpshooting Facilitator

Floor: Starter, Hyper-Athletic Gadget

Team Fit:

Scoot is a tier above anyone after him as a prospect, and is a near lock to be the 2nd overall pick by any team. He best fits with a team that has room for a face-of-the-franchise lead guard. The ideal backcourt pairing for Scoot is a tall off-ball defensive guard.

Best fits within range: San Antonio, Houston, Orlando, Utah, Washington,

Analysis done by @RawHoops. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
NBA Insight



Man Scoot is a fun prospect to watch. That combination of vertical athleticism and elite slashing ability put him up there with the most fun prospects to watch in recent history. His development as a playmaker and shooter have been very encouraging, and it is pretty easy to project Scoot as the #2 guy in this class right now.

Best team fits: Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz

Analysis done by @TheRaptor. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Generic Person



In almost every other year Scoot Henderson would be the number one pick. He is seen by many as another generational talent and the best point guard prospect in years. His physical profile in terms of strength and athleticism is what really stands out. He’s truly an elite talent and will come in right away as a top 1% athlete. Although he does have a smaller stature at 6’2”, he definitely imposes a kind of physical dominance on the court. He loves to throw it down on the rim. Scoot can ride up over anyone including Victor Wembenyama who he wasn’t afraid to challenge at the hoop in their lone matchup back in October of last year. He’s going to be one of the shiftiest guards in the league right away in the way that he can read the floor and is able to weave through defenders so easily. Due to his skill, athleticism, and experience, he won’t have problems on the often chaotic NBA floor. In the league, he will probably work better due to better spacing and shooting around which will give him more room to work. Scoot is really special in transition due to that rare athletic ability. His burst makes him unstoppable when he gets a head of steam and charges downhill. He can blow past anybody he needs to in order to get to the rim. He is definitely one of the grittiest players we have seen in the past few draft cycles which is a really impressive sign of progression for a teenager playing in a professional league. That leader and toughness quality is extremely important for the success of lead guards because of the way they are expected to rally their team. As for his skill set, Scoot is a very intelligent and mature player. Scoot has great instincts when figuring out what to do with the ball and decision-making. He’s a very smart cutter and playmaker and has a nice handle which makes him very deadly as an on-ball creator. He really looks to spread the ball around and is an overall very unselfish player. He distributes well in the pick and roll which has been a big improvement for him. Last year he was a little sloppy and would cause turnovers when trying to kick it out but this has changed. He has gotten better with tighter spaces and passes. His main offensive weakness is his shooting. It’s clear he's been inspired by other players with similar archetypes to himself like Russell Westbrook. He likes to pull up a lot in the mid-range which can be a nice way of getting offense but if it’s inefficient it can be one of the worst shots in the game. He started off the year shooting these shots strong but that has slipped as time has gone on. Scoot needs to improve upon his shot tendencies if it isn’t worked on it could be detrimental to his game. He has better touch than a lot of the guards that suffer from this but it’s still scary. I would like him to keep practicing his range and to use the newfound experience to diversify his shot chart as he gains reps and is able to step out. As time goes on it’s easy to project him as shooting an average percentage on above-average volume but this isn’t a lock. To really be the whole package that a team can build a heliocentric offense around, he’s going to have to provide better shooting numbers and cut down on the sloppy mistakes. He does pose enough of a threat to somewhat deter defenders from sagging off of him due to apprehensiveness about giving him space, but it's often easy to suspect and infer that he is looking towards driving to the basket. The shooting hopefully does come with time and experience as a perimeter creator in the future. I also think that it isn’t completely fair to judge his shot too harshly due to poor percentages in a grown man’s professional league as a 17/18-year-old. On the defensive end of the ball, many would think of him as a weaker defender at first glance because of his size but due to his tenacity and overall work ethic, this is not the case. Scoot has a pretty strong and built frame which allows him to not get overrun or bullied by his opponents on the perimeter when they attempt to get to the rim. His agility and focus keep him competent and he definitely doesn’t project as a liability in any sense but I wouldn’t have expectations of him being a great defender. Like many other high-usage guards the toll and burden of putting effort in on offense will most likely be too much for him to maintain elite-level defense or anything close to that. It’s going to be really interesting to his career trajectory as a player who played in the G-League two years before getting drafted. Although his immense talent will most likely override any likely pre-draft segway into the league, it will be worth noting how it prepares him right away. Some are worried about how his poor shooting percentages and turnovers will translate and worsen in the league, but I wouldn’t. He’s a very smart and athletic player that can come in as an immediate franchise cornerstone while still possessing the upside to be an elite point guard. He can work on and off of the ball effectively enough to be an organization changer for any team that lands at that coveted number two spot in the draft.

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OFFENSE Incredibile fast and explosive athlete. His first step is Top tier in NBA Incredible burst and vertical explosion Great at getting to and finishing at the rim can also absorb contact Excellent change of pace Played last year with very little spacing The fact that he Got to the rim really frequently in half court without having ball in his hand that much and with not many shooters It is very impressive GOT TO THE RIM STRONG AND CAN FINISH WITH FINESSE AROUND EVEN HUGE SHOTBLOCKER LIKE WEMBY Has good playmaking feel does not make amazing reads but make good passes and simple ones out of P&R too Very good at finding interior passes for bugs after the defense reacts to his separation and scoring gravity Can make live dribble passes in these occasions Not really good at reading the second level of the Defense especially at hitting shooters weak side VERY GOOD AT DRIVING, CREATING AND ADVANTAGE AND PUNISHING ROTATING DEFENCES Sometimes gets stuck in bad situations and is decision making can be questionable Has a rawness to him but some parts of his game are really polished already Good potential as a midrange pull up shooter 95% percentile Jumps a lot on midrange shot way less on 3s IS PERFECTING IT AS A WEAPON AND HIS MOVES OTD TO SET IT UP ARE ALSO GETTING BETTER MIDRANGE IS BECOMING AUTOMATHIC HE CREATES A LOT OF SPACE GREAT 1ST STEP Form not that bad he has good arc Especially at the elbows (CP3 shot) Need to massively improve from 3 HANDLE GOOD , CAN IMPROVE AND HAS IMPROVED, IS FUNCTIONAL BECAUSE HE GETS WHEREVER HE WANTS HOWEVER HE WANTS GREAT FOOTWORK AND BODY CONTROL, DOES NOT LOSE PIVOT FOOT ON SPIN MOVE OR FADEAWAYS NOT TALL 6.2 BUT WELL BUILT AND STRONG LIKE A TANK

DEFENSE Has athleticism and tools to be a positive defender His Defence is quite good for a 17 year old Makes some goods instinctive plays Has really quick and good hands on D CAN STICK WITH HIS MAN IN ISO BUT STRUGGLES SOMETIMES GOING AROUND SCREENS Good at poking the ball from behind when he gets beaten OTD Good positioning and some good plays from weak side, has good instinct and great hands But he still gets beaten OTD some timesOn ball really inconsistent HIGH LEVEL FLASHES ON AND OFF BALL AND STILL A FEW LAPSES IT IS STILL A GOOD DEFENDER, MAYBE WON T BE GREAT

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