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Zaccharie Risacher


HT/WT/WS6' 10", 193lbs

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• He is a big wing, stands at around 6’10 and has long arms

• He has been an insanely efficient 3-point shooter, it’s super impressive for someone his age to be that efficient against professional competition

• Good passer, he makes good reads and is good at executing tough passes

• Great off-ball defender, he gets into passing lanes, switches well, is a good help defender

• He is a good on-ball defender as well, he can stick with some smaller players while handling wings and most forwards well

• Playing well against professional competition, which is pretty much always a sign that a prospect is going to have a good NBA career


• He isn’t the most athletic guy in the world, so it could take him a little bit to get used to the pace and athleticism that’s in the NBA

• He can struggle guarding stronger players

• Ball handling is inconsistent


• Zaccharie Risacher has a skillset that fits perfectly with what NBA teams want out of a wing

• He has a high floor due to his defensive versatility and shooting capabilities, these will keep him in the league for a long time

• Not as high of a ceiling as other prospects in this draft due to limitations as a shot creator, but he still could be an all star caliber player one day

Shades of: Trey Murphy, Johnathan Issac, Nic Batum

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Risacher might have the highest floor out of the entire class, and one of the highest ceilings. He’s the perfect NBA wing for the modern game - an incredible cutter and off ball mover, a great shooter off of movement and catch and shoot, a strong passer and can finish well and get to the rim. He’s the best offensive player in the class, and his defense is also very good! He’s a great athlete and has a great defensive stance, he doesn’t fall asleep off ball and closes out well. There’s nothing in his game I can point out as a flaw, and for that reason I’ll have him going first.

Comp: Brandon Ingram with more defense

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He’s a 6ft 9 wing with shooting, peremiter creation, and some flashes of attacking closeouts. Elite defensive upside. Insane 3ppt percentage.

Analysis done by @UNCjockstrap. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Jack Anderson



Zaccharie Risacher - JL Bourg / France (SF/PF - HT: 6’9” - WING: - 6’11” - WT: 210 - A: 19y)

- Huge 3 and D power wing
- One of the best shooters in the draft, was at an insane 46% from 3 but has cooled off recently
- Shows secondary playmaking flashes, especially in transition when he can grab and go
- Great defender, guards the other teams best player 1-4 every game
- Doing this all on a really high level French team but not starting
- He doesn’t have much offensive creativity, not going to be much of a creator on-ball
- Shades of Jabari Smith Jr, Trey Murphy III, Keegan Murray, MPJ
- Best fit: Detroit, Memphis, Portland, Chicago, Washington, Toronto, Atlanta, New York
- Worst fit: fits everywhere, maybe Utah due to tall shooting forward overload

Range: 2 - 11

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Dave Tippit



Tier 1 - Ceiling:

All-Star, Fringe All Defense Team/Top 10 Three Point Shooter



Draft Day Age




Avg ranking (top 6 NBA draft sites) 4.5

My Jan Ranking 2

Best Case - Shades of/

Jalen Johnson

Mikel Bridges

Peja Stojakovic


22.8 MPG

11.4 PPG

65.5 TS% on 7.4 FGA

47.3 3PT% on 3.1 FGA

70.9 FT% on 3.0 FTA

10.7 TRB%

8.1 AST%

2.2 STL%

2.1 BLK%

15.2 TO%

21.4 USG%

116.4 ORTG

102.0 DRTG

Analysis done by @davetippit. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Overview: Zacharie Risacher is a 6'10", 204-pound small forward currently playing for JL Bourg in the French LNB Pro A league and the EuroCup. He's rapidly rising as a potential top-10 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, captivating scouts with his unique blend of size, shooting, and defensive versatility.


  • Elite shooter: Risacher's most defining feature is his elite shooting ability. He boasts a smooth shooting stroke with consistent mechanics, making him a threat from beyond the arc. This skill translates well in both catch-and-shoot and off-the-dribble situations.

  • Size and athleticism: Standing tall at 6'10" with a good wingspan, Risacher possesses the ideal frame for a modern NBA wing. He's surprisingly athletic for his size, showcasing quickness and explosiveness that aid his defensive versatility and finishing ability.

  • Defensive potential: Risacher displays promising potential on the defensive end. He utilizes his size and mobility to effectively guard multiple positions on the perimeter, disrupt passing lanes, and contest shots at the rim. His defensive IQ is also improving, allowing him to anticipate plays and rotate effectively.

  • High basketball IQ: Risacher plays with a cerebral approach, demonstrating good court vision and decision-making abilities. He understands his role within the team scheme, makes smart cuts off the ball, and finds open teammates with timely passes.


  • Limited offensive creation: While a proficient scorer, Risacher still needs to refine his offensive creation skills. He primarily relies on his shooting prowess and off-ball movement for offense and can struggle against tight on-ball defense. Expanding his dribbling and playmaking abilities would significantly elevate his offensive repertoire.

  • Strength and physicality: Compared to NBA-caliber players, Risacher needs to add more muscle and physicality to his frame. This will improve his ability to finish through contact, battle for rebounds against stronger opponents, and defend more effectively against power forwards.

  • Experience against elite competition: Although performing well in the French league and EuroCup, Risacher hasn't consistently faced the level of competition he'll encounter in the NBA. The jump in athleticism, physicality, and overall talent could pose an initial challenge as he adjusts to the NBA game.

Overall: Zaccharie Risacher is a highly intriguing prospect with the potential to develop into a valuable "3-and-D" wing in the NBA. His elite shooting, size, and defensive versatility are highly sought-after qualities, making him a potential difference-maker on both ends of the court. If he can continue honing his offensive creation abilities, add strength to his frame, and adjust to the increased competition level in the NBA, he could become a key contributor for a team seeking a versatile wing player.

Additional Notes:

  • Risacher is known for his work ethic and dedication, consistently working on improving his skills and adapting to the game.

  • Some scouts compare him to a young Nicolas Batum due to his size, shooting ability, and defensive potential, while others see him as a more offensively focused player in the mold of Khris Middleton.

  • His shooting ability and defensive versatility make him a perfect fit for teams seeking a player who can contribute immediately and grow into a key role in the future. Overall, Zacharie Risacher is a player to watch closely in the lead-up to the 2024 NBA Draft. He has the talent and potential to make a significant impact on the league for years to come.

Analysis done by @SixersinCharge. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
John Pikiell



Great off-ball player. One of the best catch and shoot players in the draft. Skinny frame but tall and athletic, pretty good defender. Only knock is he isn't really an on ball guy but will be a good 3 and D player. Taller Dante Exum (When he was good). A little like if Duncan Robinson and Bilal Coulibaly had a baby. High Floor, high ceiling.

Analysis done by @jpikiell7. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Thomas Hielkema



I think Risacher should be able to fit in almost seamlessly into any NBA team, with one of the higher floors. He has one of the smoothest shots in this draft class, and executed on 42% of his 3PA. He does provide some flashes of attacking off the dribble and against closeouts, but that's not commonly what he does or in all honesty, needed to do. Being 6'10" he can smoothly get his jumper off against most defenders with just a little bit of separation caused.

Defensively I have much more questions. This year he just hasn't been the level of defender he was supposed to be. He does still have a lot of potential on that side of the ball, but mainly because he is big long and fairly athletic. I do think he can develop into a more than serviceable defender in the NBA, but I do think most of his struggles will come on that end.

Ceiling: 2004 Peja Stojakovic Floor: 2017 Doug McDermott

Favorite Fits:

  1. Portland Trail Blazers

  2. Charlotte Hornets

  3. Detroit Pistons

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Zaccharie Risacher has jumped up boards recently as a 6'9" French wing with an elite game. He's got good shooting mechanics and amazing ball handling skills. He's not necessarily an elite athlete but he's a good cutter and a solid finisher. He's an excellent playmaker who can run the offense. He can easily create space for his shot and arguably his signature move, the step-back jumper, has worked well for him so far. He plays with good positioning and you can tell that he understands basketball by his effort and ability to read offenses. He shoots at a high level, and has shown flashes as a decision maker.

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