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Realistic Kevin Porter Jr Trade to the Bulls


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+1 player ($17.0m),
Cap Impact + $1.1M

-1  Wins

+12.18  MPG

+0.16  Off.

-0.23  Def.



+1 player ($18.5m),
Cap Impact + $1.5M

+4  Wins

+22.31  MPG

+0.17  Off.

+0.39  Def.



+1 player ($15.9m) +4 picks,
Cap Impact - $2.6M

-3  Wins

-34.49  MPG

-0.33  Off.

-0.16  Def.

It appears clear that the Rockets want to dump Kevin Porter Jr.’s contract and are willing to attach picks to do so. It also appears that the Bulls should be rebuilding. This deal helps both teams to get what they want and brings in a third team, Oklahoma City.

Why the Bulls do this:

The Porter situation allows the Bulls to get more than their fair share for Vucevic, netting a first round pick and three second round picks in exchange for the aging former All-Star. They take on some serious salary (that will be dead salary as Porter gets cut) but they get what could be a lottery pick this year. The Bulls should be quite happy with this deal and accept in a heartbeat.

Why the Rockets do this:

The Rockets manage to save money long-term by trading Porter’s contract for a shorter one in Bertans that they can either flip or waive. They save this money, about 28 million dollars, giving up just two second round picks. In the meantime, Bertans could serve as a mentor/veteran for these young guys and work with the bigs on their shooting.

Why the Thunder do this:

The Thunder get rid of Bertans salary and get a guy in Vucevic who can back up and mentor a young and possibly injury-prone Chet Holmgren. OKC needs to improve its frontcourt depth and they do this with just one first round pick and one second round pick, leaving their treasure trove of assets still overflowing.

What do you think of this deal? I feel like every side is extremely happy here and accepts in a heartbeat, but I may have missed something. Let me know in the comments who accepts, who passes, and why, and any other opinions on this trade.