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Writing about again, how Damn overrated Ben freaking simmons is




+2 players ($33.1m),
Cap Impact + $138K
  • Davis Bertans
    Davis Bertans
    PF, 6' 10", 0.14 LEBRON
    Off Screen Shooter



  • Spencer Dinwiddie
    Spencer Dinwiddie
    PG, 6' 5", -0.11 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler




-3  Wins

+14.66  MPG

+0.67  Off.

-2.81  Def.



+1 player ($33.0m),
Cap Impact - $138K
  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons
    PG, 6' 11", 2.17 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big




+3  Wins

-14.66  MPG

-0.67  Off.

+2.81  Def.

Simmons is overrated, here's why,

Ben Simmons is SOOOOO overrated, here's why.

So pretty much Simmons defendants argue how everyone was bullying him, he is a great drivier can make one handed passes and is the best defender, half of that BS.

So, the D. Yeah, Simmons is a good defender, but Gobert is better. Like I already said, interior defense is more valuable then perimeter defense. Why? It can make opponents take harder, lower precentage shots. For example, opponents would be scared to take shots against Robert Williams, Rudy Gobert and Myles Turner because they know that they are the best rim protectors in the game. This makes it so that if they would have shot a layup against your average center, they would think twice before talking they layup. Now, you do that against all 5 payers, make their lives harder, would you rather have that, or making ONE players lives harder? I'll take the 5 over the one, thanks you very much.

Passing: Simmons is a top 15 passer, and a average playmaker. Simmons can find his open teammates like almost nobody else can, BUT they are open, they created their own shot in a way since without help, they get open, or enough space to get their shot off, so Simmons is just finding their shot, thats passing Yes, Simmons occasionally does some good plyamking, just like most players in the league.

So then, nobody counts the playoff chocking. Makes excuses about how passing the dunk is ok, make it seem like one play ruined everything. However, its not that. Simmons has chocked time, and time and time again, and nobody is recognizing that. But, lets take a further look about it. He has an open dunk, so all he has to do is dunk, then he makes a contested pass to his teammate, that could have been easily picked off, then he gets fouled, and make one free throw. Because he could have had a potential and 1 and now they got one point.

Free throws: Simmons has shot an atrocious under 40 percent from the free throw line. Yes, you read that right, under 50, under 40 percent. Yes. When you have someone that in a longer span of time shoots under 40 percent from the free throw line, nearly 2 times less then the league average, about 50 percent lless then his average for free throws, you know its bad.

Asking out: You can make whatever escuxes but most of them just aren't true/are stretching the truth. Yeah, they said some mean things, Embiid not liking him, Doc saying that he might not be able to be a point guard on a contending team, however, at the end of the day his reaction was off. Because they want to keep him, want him to return. His teammates do, saw him, he literally turned them away. They literally built this team around partially ben, they got the shooting and why they traded a first to get out of AL, getting Danny Green, Seth Curry, players like that.