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Memphis Grizzlies Deadline Plan #2 - Gets Their Starting Caliber Center, Nikola Vucevic.


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+1 player ($18.5m),
Cap Impact + $5.9M

+1  Wins

+7.02  MPG

+0.31  Off.

-0.73  Def.



+1 player ($12.6m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $5.9M

-1  Wins

-7.02  MPG

-0.31  Off.

+0.73  Def.

Grizzlies Trade Deal

  • Grizzlies Sent Steven Adams, a 2027 Unprotected FRP, and Multiple SRPs To The Bulls For Nikola Vucevic.

Trade Explanation


  • With Adams Being Out For The Season, A Replacement Is Needed. They Really Need To Figure Out Who Will Be Their Starting Caliber Center. So For Me, Honestly Vucevic Will Be One Of The Ideal Choices For That Position and They Should Definitely Pursue Him At The Trade Deadline Especially If They Are Performing Poorly. Nikola Vucevic Is A Great Offensive Big Man That Can Upgrade The Team Alot More Better. He Is A Good Roller On Pick & Rolls, He Is a Quality Screener For Players Like, Kennard, Bane, Ja, Etc... He Is A Nice Stretch 5 and Has Good Post-games As Well. Elite Rebounder Too Which What Memphis Really Needs. Since We Know That JJJ Is Probably One Of The Weakest Rebounding Bigs In The Leauge. Also, I Know That Some View Him As A Weak/Liability In The Defensive End But If You Have The Last Year's DPOY As Your Frontcourt Partner It's Not Really A Problem. So Yeah, He Honestly Fits Nice With This Team.


  • If Bulls Are Ass, A Blow up And Vucevic Getting Moved Is Honestly A Probability. Thus In Return For Vucevic, Bulls Front Office Was Able To Get An Unprotected First And Couple Of Late Valuable Seconds. Which Is Really Great Since Bulls Are Lacking Some Draft Capital lol, They Will Probably Value Picks Alot If They Restart The Roster. About Steven Adams, It Depends What Will Be His Viewing Point For The Bulls... He Either Gets Moved After This Trade Or They Keep Him For Next Season. Him Getting Moved Is High Likely Though. So Yeah, Definitely Not Bad Of A Return For Vucevic. This Probably His Value Right Now At The Market.

Projected Starters

Pg: Morant

Sg: Smart

Sf: Bane


C: Vucevic

Projected Bench

Pg: Rose

Sg: Kennard/Konchar

Sf: Ziaire/Roddy

Pf: Santi/Lofton Jr (Side Note: Clarke Might Be Out For A Long Time Maybe 5-7 Months But If He Comes Back He Is The Main Back-Up 4.)

C: Biyombo/Tillman