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Fix the Flaw: Chicago Backcourt Defense (and Harden!)


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+1 player ($35.6m),
Cap Impact - $1.3M

+2  Wins

-29.94  MPG

+4.63  Off.

+1.88  Def.

Sixers biggest flaw has been backcourt defense in the playoffs. No way to deal with this flaw without dealing with Harden situation. I considered a direct Harden - DeRozan deal with a pick (Sam Vecenie and others have raised). But here I do the Clippers deal to get more assets to Chicago. They get off DeRozan who they are going to lose and start to replenish their picks, plus a decent asset in Powell and a young prospect. With those assets, Sixers get Caruso too.

Even with loss of Harden playmaking, Caruso adds top end guard defense next to Maxey and DeRozan compensates for the scoring.

Is this fair? I think Sixers could add more swaps or 2nds too. Or is there another way to fix the flaw?