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🐂 The BULLS reset plan 🐂


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+2 players ($22.0m),
Cap Impact + $4.0M

-2  Wins

+17.78  MPG

-2.86  Off.

+3.91  Def.



+1 player ($37.1m),
Cap Impact - $4.8M

+6  Wins

-19.88  MPG

+3.66  Off.

+1.48  Def.



+1 player ($27.3m),
Cap Impact - $797K

+2  Wins

-3.85  MPG

+4.13  Off.

+2.04  Def.

replying to asapcohen's poll:

here's words from asapcohen, that i basically all agree (from the post):

The Bulls are currently 6-10 which is good enough for 12th in the Eastern Conference. Even when fully healthy they are still a team who probably finds themselves in the play in. There also aren’t really any moves they can make to push themselves to contender status.

Their 2023 FRP currently belongs to Orlando via the trade for Vucevic, but it is top 4 protected. If they were to blow things up, then there would be a pretty good chance of them being able to have that pick.

While Derozan is older now, I still believe there are a number of teams who would be interested in him. I think you could get a decent young guy and/or some picks for him. I believe Lavine would fetch a price similar to that of Donovan Mitchell, and that there would be quite a few teams interested in him as well.

The last pro to this would be really getting to see what you have in some of the young talent on the roster. There’s lots of high potential guys who haven’t really had the freedom to show their skills yet.

Here's all the reason i do this trade:


Just another Westbrook trade that gives more shooting and scoring to the Lakers, done

Bulls also get back their srp here, very useful for them if they will land at 30-40


I think Magic can start go buying, their rebuild is near done, i rlly dk who can they still draft into their team lol

There's alrdy rumours for Mitchell going to Magic for them to start their playoffs push, at least i saw it in FANSPO, so now Mitchell is not available, i think sth similar, which is Lavine, can be traded to Magic

There's 2 reasons i do this with the Magic instead of others

  1. Magic can still use a 1st scoring option, before Paolo become the star, Lavine will definitely improve their team, and he's not those ppl who needs the ball too much, still can have the ball on paolo's hand

  2. Ofc this is not the value that Lavine should go for, but just getting back that pick, i think it means super much for the Bulls. That can potentially give them their franchise guy, and this protects them to get back the 5 pick maybe, cus if it lands at 5th, it goes to Magic, this will be disaster for the Bulls. Getting the pick back allows them to do whatever they want


Doncic can for sho use another star beside him, i think they need the co-star to be in real competing level, so they will try get DeMar here, still 2 years on the contract, not a long term one, plus they are basically just adding DeMar into their current squad without giving out players, they don't play Bertans and play Powell so few

This MUST improve them so so much, giving them another very steady offensive option


I just wanna make the Hawks hving the best defensive squad possible beside him, hving Caruso backing him up, and Harris, a better defending slightly worse shooting Bogdan. Imagine a backcourt of Caruso and Murray, long day opponents, off night for sho for the guards


Getting back 7 frps, basically set their future. Plus they will clear up at most 80M next season (rmb Isaac is non-guaranteed), and clear up the playing time for young guys, i look forward to see this team hoop frfr

Look at the starting 5:

Ayo-Hardy-Terry-Pat Will-Isaac

for now Isaac, cus now they don't hv a young C

Like this team must be entertaining to watch, how exciting this will be

more i type this more im hyped for Bulls to blowup lol


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Lakers are better without Bron

Nets are better without Kyrie