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Memphis Save Their Season


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There’s two main reasons the Griz are struggling rn.

  1. Lack of a playmaker and offensive identity. They do not have a guy who can run the offense. Smart is not that guy, and at least he knew the Celtics extremely well for him to play PG there. Bane is not a PG or even ballhandler and playmaker.

  2. They’re giving up the most threes attempted and made rn. They are not rotating cast enough to contest and prevent threes while the interior defense has been okay.

  3. Injuries. Adams, Clarke, Aldama, Konchar, Rose, all hurt. Kennard just came back. Ja ofc suspended.

Aldama is back from injury soon. McConnell can pass, handle the ball, make open threes, and defend well. Turner ofc his just a huge upgrade to the Griz. He’s one of the best run protectors in the league and also a stretch big which could open up this offense especially with Ja back.

PG. McConnell

SG. Smart

SF. Bane


C. Turner

  1. Aldama

  2. Zaire

  3. Roddy

  4. Konchar

  5. Kennard

  6. LaRavia

  7. Ja (SUSP)