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Griz Salvage Season 4.0! Kuz and Gafford to Memphis!


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+2 players ($38.0m),
Cap Impact + $4.8M

+1  Wins

-24.90  MPG

+4.89  Off.

+0.45  Def.



+4 players ($12.5m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $4.8M

+ 0  Wins

+24.90  MPG

-4.89  Off.

-0.45  Def.

Griz: I still believe in this roster. Ja matters to this offense he's a huge part of their identity. Not to mention the half-dozen injuries to this roster. They need to do something desperate and fast so they can stay afloat until Ja is back and then compete when he is.

I've been wanting a two-way wing for the Griz for awhile now. Kuz is a bucket, can shoot, good on the helpside, and even better defending on the perimeter. I think he can find his elite defensive form that he had one the Lakers in 2019 again playing alongside elite defenders like Smart and JJJ and other good ones like Bane and Aldama.

It also has felt like Jenkins has been leaning toward a 5 out offense with JJJ at Center more and bringing in Biyombo as a backup. Gafford is a quality starting 5 and stretch big. He just be helping immensely with the depth due to the injuries.

Wiz: The real question is when will the Wiz be willing to pull the trigger on a move like this? I assume deadline when NBA draft prospects are looking hot and they're at the bottom of the conference, hopefully after they've fired their shit coach. On the flipside I think all the players that the Wiz are getting back are really good fits.

Griz 2023-24: (Closing Lineup) PG. Ja

SG. Smart

SF. Bane

PF. Kuz


  1. Gafford

  2. Kennard

  3. Aldama

  4. Roddy

  5. Rose

  6. Konchar

  7. Tillman

  8. Biyombo

Wiz 2024-25: PG. FRP?

SG. Poole

SF. Williams

PF. Avdija

C. Adams

  1. Clarke

  2. Shamet

  3. LaRavia

  4. Coulibaly

  5. Kispert

  6. Davis

  7. FRP