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Ayton to LA, Suns get depth


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+4 players ($36.3m),
Cap Impact - $2.3M

-1  Wins

+4.71  MPG

-2.09  Off.

-0.16  Def.



+3 players ($38.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $216K

+1  Wins

-4.71  MPG

+2.09  Off.

+0.16  Def.

The Suns have spent an exorbitant amount of money this offseason to make a big 4 of Beal, Booker, KD and Ayton but one of them is significantly worse than the other four and is still earning a max contract. With the second apron consequences really kicking in this season PHX is better off trading him for depth and a large expiring contract instead, which is what they're doing here.


Reasoning for the Phoenix Suns

  • Suns recieve: 1 SRP, Ivica Zubac, Terence Mann, Marcus Morris Sr.

  • Suns give up: Deandre Ayton, Damion Lee, Ish Wainright, Jordan Goodwin

  • Why they do this: As said earlier, the second apron consequences start to really kick in after next season and getting a little cheaper by obtaining a large expiring contract in Morris's 17.1m and still getting an adequate replacement of Ayton in Zubac helps them avoid some of these repurcussions.

The Suns Depth Chart

  • PG: Bradley Beal │ Terence Mann

  • SG: Devin Booker │ Eric Gordon

  • SF: Josh Okogie │ Yuta Watanabe

  • PF: Kevin Durant │ Marcus Morris Sr.

  • C: Ivica Zubac │ Drew Eubanks


Reasoning for the Los Angeles Clippers

  • Clippers recieve: Deandre Ayton, Damion Lee, Ish Wainright, Jordan Goodwin

  • Clippers give up: 1 SRP, Ivica Zubac, Terence Mann, Marcus Morris Sr.

  • Why they do this: They form somewhat of a superteam of their own with a big 4 of Russ, Ayton, Kawhi and PG. With the latter two always sitting out multiple games in the regular season and the western conference being the strongest it has ever been, LAC will need more starpower to get them a respectable seeding for the playoffs and Ayton can relieve some of the offensive load that Kawhi and PG carry as he almost averaged a 20 point double double last year. This trade also gives Hyland, KJ and RoCo more playing time to prove themselves.

The Clippers Depth Chart

  • PG: Russell Westbrook │ Bones Hyland

  • SG: Paul George │ Norman Powell

  • SF: Kawhi Leonard │ Kenyon Martin Jr.

  • PF: Nicolas Batum │ Robert Covington

  • C: Deandre Ayton │ Mason Plumlee