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Pacers Take Another Step in Right Direction ⬆️, and Bulls Reload πŸ‚


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+3 players ($43.4m),
Cap ImpactΒ + $5.7M

+ 0Β  Wins

-1.08Β  MPG

+1.82Β  Off.

-0.67Β  Def.

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I've been seeing quite a lot of Demar to pacers trades, and I thought why acquire an aging on the decline star when you can get a star right in his prime. Ladies and Gentlemen here you have Zach Lavine to the Indiana Pacers.

Pacers Perspective:

In my opinion I really like what the direction the pacers are heading from their budding star Tyrese Haliburton to extending Turner and signing Bruce. In this trade Pacers will add a highflying star in Zach LaVine for a bag of chips (not really, but I wanted to say that phrase). They would be giving up some of their young high potential guys and 3 first round picks for a all-star and a veteran presence in the locker room to mentor their younger guys. Pacers would also sign Kelly Oubre to a 1-year rental to give them some depth in a position they are lacking, also giving Kelly a chance to earn a bag.

Depth Chart After Trade:

PG- Tyrese Haliburton, Bruce Brown

SG- Zach Lavine, Andrew Nembhard

SF- Benedict Mathurin, Kelly Oubre, Jordan Nwora

PF- Jarace Walker, Obi Toppin, Aaron Nesmith

C- Myles Turner, Isaiah Jackson, Andre Drummond

Pro's πŸ‘:
  • Get an allstar

  • add depth to SF position

Cons πŸ‘Ž:
  • LaVine's contract is a large contract

  • Lose some draft capital

  • Lose a solid prospect

Bulls Perspective πŸ‚:

From a bulls perspective lets be real, the bulls need to reload, this trade will add to their young core in Ayo and Patrick Williams, with Jalen Smith, and veterans of the game that can mentor. However the most attractive part of the deal is those 3 juicy first rounders that will jumpstart the Bulls rebuild.

Pro's πŸ‘:
  • solid prospect in lacking position

  • Draft capital

  • Jumpstart Rebuild

Con's πŸ‘Ž:
  • Lose their star

  • Do they really need a rebuild

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