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Realistic Joel Embiid Destinations: The Celtics Best Package (#6)


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+1 player ($47.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact - $1.6M

+ 0  Wins

-69.86  MPG

+4.90  Off.

+1.81  Def.



+5 players ($48.1m) +5 picks,
Cap Impact + $1.6M

+ 0  Wins

+69.86  MPG

-4.90  Off.

-1.81  Def.

Welcome back to the Joel Embiid trade series by kawntent sports, now the longest series I’ve ever made. So many teams could improve by bringing in the reigning MVP, and the 76ers bitter rivals in Boston are not excluded. Let’s get into it!

Why the 76ers do this:

The 76ers get four unprotected first round picks and a pick swap in this deal, along with their center of the future in Robert Williams, a solid long-term role player in Payton Pritchard, and easily tradeable high-value pieces in Horford and Brogdon, along with a relative unknown in Jordan Walsh. This is a massive package that could net even more first round picks after older assets are dealt. This sets up the Sixers for an incredibly bright future while clearing the way for Tobias Harris to improve his value as the second option in Philly, making him a more tradeable asset as well. This is basically a dream deal for the Sixers.

Why the Celtics do this:

The Celtics bench and pick arsenal are completely decimated by this trade, and I’m sure I’ll hear that argument in the comments. My response is, it’s not easy to not win a championship with two of the four clear best players in the league, alongside two other All-Star level players and the coaches’ pick for most underrated player in the league. The Celtics have a surprisingly massive maximum offer considering they just traded for Kristaps Porzingis, and they use the entire thing here. The offense in Boston will be completely unstoppable and they have a chance to win as many championships as they did under Bill Russell with this team, which is certainly a risk worth taking. And, if the deal proves to be a bad fit, the Celtics can certainly deal Jaylen Brown for a top guard as they have been offering for a while now.

This deal would be wild if it went through but it’s a dream for both teams. What do you think of this swap? Let me know in the comments.